Who Is Your Perfect SEO Partner? How To Choose The Best SEO Agency

Who Is Your Perfect SEO Partner? How To Choose The Best SEO Agency

The fact that you’re here implies you already know the importance of having SEO in place.

But, determining how to choose the best SEO agency for your needs is a pretty challenging task.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of SEO agencies in the world, choosing the right fit for your business may seem overwhelming when observed from the outside.

No worries! This post has got you all covered. We’ve broken down your lookout in 7 easy and doable steps below. Make sure you don’t miss out on them!

7 critical steps on how to choose an SEO agency

First things first, one size doesn’t fit all. Every business has distinct requirements. Therefore, you must shift your focus from how to choose an SEO agency to “how to choose an SEO agency that aligns with my business goals”.

What’s more, SEO is meant for the long haul. It even works as a skyrocket when considered for long-term goals. While some quick fixes may work as a get-rich-quick scheme, it won’t last for a long time, for sure.

Thus, your partnership with an SEO firm is going to last ages. Considering that, you must be patient with your search on how to choose an SEO company. Spend your time digging things inside out as explained below.

With that said, let’s hop onto the 7 steps;

1. What are your goals?

Before asking how to choose the best SEO company, make sure you’ve a clear picture of your desired outcomes in mind. Go ahead with defining your goals and what do you want to achieve after reaching there? Figuring these two out should be your topmost priority before seeking help from an SEO firm.

Because an agency can help you in several areas. Different goals associate with different pathways. Clearing up with your aim will make an impression on determining the pathway for your business.

That being said, let’s now explore what you can expect from an SEO agency:

  • Brand awareness
  • Ranking higher in search engines
  • Getting more traffic on your website
  • Enhanced performance of your website
  • Building reliability
  • Getting leads from organic search
  • Boost the conversion rate and sales
  • Get you more physical store visits
  • Stand out from the competition

Familiarizing yourself with your goal will also enable you to track the efficiency of the campaign run by the SEO agency for you.

2. Find SEO agencies’ specialities and work ethics

Every SEO agency specializes in a certain area. It’s your call to figure out if your business finds that thing relevant. As mentioned in the above section, to identify your requirements, hold on your goal in mind. It will define what SEO tactics you ought-to choose to obtain the desired results.

To get a better feel, let’s take an example.

Suppose you want to rank for a certain set of keywords. Or simply put, you want to come in front of your audience when they make a search relevant to your business.

Your end goal for this purpose is to attract the audience for your sales funnel. Now, you might be wondering how to find the best SEO company for ranking higher on Google.

For this, you’ll need an SEO agency with expertise in SEO-optimized content marketing.

Moving on, anyone on the internet can claim to be an “SEO expert”. Yet, their work ethics will portray if they walk the talk. It’ll be easier to judge their work ethics by observing their approaches.

3. Word of mouth is what we want

The very first thing we do every time a doubt pops up in our mind is a Google search. Tell me Google, how to find a good SEO consultant. But, in this case, never get sued for what Google tells you.

Despite what the Google searches depict, hop on the SEO agencies’ customer reviews, case studies, live results, and testimonials. This is what hits the highlight.

The best way to accomplish this is by asking the SEO agency for their client portfolio where they’ve mentioned their result-generating SEO strategies.

Every good SEO agency will definitely have their work records as it shows they’re experienced and confess what to expect. Referrals and word of mouth indeed work the best when considered in the business world.

4. Guarantee? A big No!

We all love guarantees in our daily lives. But, SEO doesn’t work that way! On your way to finding the best SEO service provider, you’ll surely come across some SEO agencies giving you guarantees for certain results.

But, the fact is that nothing on this planet can predict where your website will rank even after optimizing it for the search engines.

Search engines don’t comment or reveal anything about their practices of ranking websites one above the other. So, no one can ever presume Website SERPS. How come someone guarantees you the results? Well, a trustworthy SEO agency will never do that.

There’s a thin line between ensuring positive results and giving guarantees. So, if someone is faking guarantees on your way on how to find the best SEO company, run away! It’s a red flag!

5. What’s your budget?

Well, you must define your budget in the first place because what’s the point of putting in so much effort and then finding the SEO agency to be out of your budget?

Firstly, get clear with how much you’re willing to spend or how much you can afford to spend. While a local service may seem more affordable to you than an aggressive national SEO agency, make sure you don’t get trapped by something non-deserving or a waste of time and money as it may end up negatively affecting your brand image.

We suggest that the moment you get the thought; of how to choose an SEO company, wonder how much funds you’ve for the long haul. Because there ain’t anything in SEO for a short period of time.

If you’re done with choosing an SEO company, inquire about their packages and look at what falls under your pocket. Following that, check if the pricing seems reasonable or fair to you. Or if the company is ready to get you a customized SEO campaign that aligns with your goals.

6. These common mistakes can break you!

When choosing the best SEO service provider, the chances of you falling for a cheap SEO agency because of the affordability, are very high. You see, these companies with extremely low rates are likely to underdeliver. They can hand you a copy-pasted strategy that will never rank your website. SEO returns you exactly what you pay for.

Furthermore, some tend to fall only for the local SEO companies. Though, tons of excellent options are there in the market. So, make sure you don’t stop at nearby options only. Do a quick search and explore more options.

One last point, for the greed of getting immediate results, don’t ever work with a black-hat SEO agency. This may lead Google to ban your website.

7. Talk to them

Now, your hunt, how to find a good SEO consultant is about to come to an end. You’re all set with defining your goals, you found a good reliable SEO agency, you’re done with checking their work ethics, and what exactly you want, the prices also seem reasonable to you, what’s next? Signing the contract? No way!

Have a conversation with them. Before you both sign the deals, schedule a call with them. Speak to them and see if both of you seem a good fit, if the SEO agency seems to be accountable.

Or if possible, you can even meet them in person and learn more about their practices.

What’s more, while on the call, ask them how they work, how will they streamline the process? Ask them who’ll be working on your account, then go back to the fourth point.

Some SEO agencies do offer a free website audit or inceptive keyword research for you to discover more of their work and style.

The bottom line

First things first, your motive; how to find the best SEO company takes a great deal of time. SEO is not meant to work immediately, so don’t assume things to work that way.

It’s a precious investment for your business. Take your time first finding the right fit for your intended destination. After that, be generous with allowing time to the SEO company to work on your website, and enjoy the results!

Faraz Sayyed, Director of Notion Technologies- an expert delivering a wide range of services from web design, mobile app, eCommerce, SEO, to content marketing services for fast-growing companies be it Fortune 500, entrepreneurs or small businesses.