Best Time for Custom Mobile App Development – When?

Best Time for Custom Mobile App Development – When?

The custom mobile app development market has grown exponentially since the advent of the smartphone revolution. Web traffic has seen greater migration from desktop computers to mobile devices. As quoted by in one of their blogs, 70% of the web traffic comes from mobile users worldwide. Local businesses, restaurants, bars, medical professionals, shop owners are taking advantage of this. They are growing their business by having their own custom mobile app development. Many custom mobile app development companies have emerged to help.

There are two key reasons behind this huge mobile traffic:

  • Availability of mobile devices to the people
  • Amount of time people spend on them

As per United Nations University, many people in countries like India, have access to a cell phone. But they don’t have facilities like toilets and improved sanitation! Besides, an average user spends up to 5 hours of daytime using a smartphone in one way or the other. This time has seen a significant surge due to the pandemic. Besides, mobile app development company can help in providing the smoothest user experience.

This means that 2022 is the perfect time for entrepreneurs and business agencies to go app-based! They should ride on this tide of custom mobile app development. Custom mobile app development services can help the business grow. This article talks about when is the best time to go for custom mobile app development.

Still, many people doubt about contacting the custom mobile app development agency. Here are some key points, which will help in deciding on custom mobile app development. After reading those points, if you are convinced about custom mobile app, you can contact us. We are one of the best custom mobile app development company India and help you to push your idea to reality.

  • Outshine the rest & build a stronger brand
  • Reach out to the bigger audience
  • Availability of good clarity of Scope
  • Secured the funds and ready to rock!
  • Already have a good online presence

When you want to outshine the rest & build a stronger brand:

As they say, a man in a well-tailored suit will always shine brighter. Likewise, the businesses going with custom mobile app development always shine brighter. These businesses can streamline the customer acquisition process, data flow, and user experience. For example, apps like Uber stood out from the rest of the taxi booking sites online. The reason being, they adopted the following features.

  • Guidance and automated navigation
  • Exact location picking via GPS
  • Quick customer feedback mechanism

This suggests that custom mobile app development for startups can help to stand out. It can also help in building a stronger brand for the business. Key thing is to have an impactful custom mobile app. For startups & businesses, Notion Technologies can help to build an impactful app. With novel solutions, we are one of the best custom mobile app development companies in India.

When you want to reach more people:

As mentioned earlier, mobile phones and the internet have never been so common like this. This means smartphones can provide a gateway to approach a huge mass to offer your services. If you feel your business can appeal to a wider audience, you should opt for a custom mobile app. You should contact custom mobile app development company. to get your idea of the custom app to reality.

This is what Reliance understood. They went for custom mobile app development in India and a giant like JioMart was born. Earlier, it provided services via Reliance Mall and Reliance Fresh retail outlets. Reliance facilitated easier access of their services to a huge crowd via JioMart. As per one report, Reliance bagged an extra 23 lakh customers every month. This was a great addition to their existing outlets and malls. This demonstrates the power of targeting audiences via custom apps.

When you have good clarity in scope of custom app development:

Marketing and technical requirements are collected in marketing requirement and technical requirement documents. These are collected for feasibility analysis. They can give a good glimpse of must-have features, required user experience, and scope. The following are considered during research.

  • Target market
  • Audience age group
  • Demographic
  • Buying habits

Custom mobile app development company can help with those studies. They can suggest and help with the development of ideas. There are many innovative ideas of custom mobile apps that have changed the world. With clarity of scope and choice of a good custom mobile app development agency, your app can become one of them!

When you have secured funds to support your online venture:

The budget comes next after understanding the scope, requirements, and business goals. As they say “Price is what you pay, and value is what you get”. The funds you put into the development decide the customer experience quality.

Funds can help you decide what kind of specialized personnel to hire for custom mobile app. Also, companies you can collaborate with to build an app of desired quality. Building an app is one thing, maintaining it from time to time is another crucial point to consider. With good funding, you can make sure that your app is continuously kept up and maintained well. When you hire people with good domain knowledge, app experience can be optimized. This results in a positive user experience. This affects your business and brand value positively. Funds are deciding factor for the following factors:

  • Platforms you can support
  • App update frequency
  • Feature richness
  • Services you can offer

When you have a good web presence:

When you already have a good online presence via websites, boosting it via a custom App is a no-brainer. For example, as a news agency, you might be publishing tons of articles on your website. But it is not reaching directly to the audience unless they visit your site. Building an app means your users can be notified instantly about hot news like crypto crashes, break-ups of their favorite celebs. This can boost engagement for your web content. It also gives a smoother user experience and ease of accessibility. With the app, your content can be just one click away from your audience!

Thus, businesses can contact custom mobile app development agency to boost their business presence. It is also useful to know marketing channels to be prioritized by companies of all sizes.

Bottom line:

Having discussed all, it is pretty convincing that 2022 is the right time for custom mobile app. It helps for a Unique business approach, brand buildup, reaches, and smoother customer experience. Channelizing funds in the right direction is also important. Custom mobile apps can do wonders for your business and customer satisfaction.

We are one of the best custom mobile app development company India. Our tech-savvy and experienced team can help to shift your business to the paradigm of mobile apps. We provide all the necessary custom mobile app development services and digital solutions to transform your business. Our digital solutions make sure that your business leverages the full potential of the app technology. It also makes sure that it is future-proof as per the emerging trends.

Contact us to learn about how both of us can work together to help you grow your business. We can give it the full advantage of digital technology! One call or email to Notion Technologies can potentially change the game for your business.

Faraz Sayyed, Director of Notion Technologies- an expert delivering a wide range of services from web design, mobile app, eCommerce, SEO, to content marketing services for fast-growing companies be it Fortune 500, entrepreneurs or small businesses.