All The Reasons Why You Need SEO

All The Reasons Why You Need SEO

Businesses perceive SEO as a clandestine, a riddle that only those with deep knowledge can solve. SEO is an essential aspect of any marketing strategy, and it does not have to be byzantine. And in the present hyper-connected world and a highly competitive business environment, a business needs to be proficient enough to reach its target audience online with a core message, products, and services.

This is where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes into the picture. If done appropriately, and in an amalgamation with other marketing and technical strategies, SEO can wonderfully help your business attain good rankings and appear on the front page of Google search engine.

An SEO firm worth its salt will portray you that efficient SEO positioning has created instant millionaires out of small-time online business entrepreneurs.

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Why does my business need SEO?

Most businesses believe that SEO strategies do not apply to them. Either they deem it as too complex, or they think that their brick and mortar business doesn’t seem to benefit from search engines. Both are untrue. SEO enables your business in numerous ways and is an important tool concerning to your marketing and outreach exertions.

1. SEO help increase the traffic

If you deliver valuable insight and make it simple for search engines to find and arrange it, they will remunerate you with higher rankings. This escalated exposure indicates more visitors to your pages.

As in the case of most marketing, you need to get your content in front of as many eyeballs as you can. Specifically, when your audience requires what you have, and SEO is a great targeting tool.

2. SEO yields qualified leads

As search engines, payback results to users who are actively looking for a specific term or phrase, reaching to the top of that hut means you’re delivering information to the people who need it the most.

In short, SEO is one of the most efficient and sustainable ways to build your online presence. Instead of perceiving it as something to “amend” after you have created the content, let SEO be on top of your mind.

3. Build a PR strategy for backlinks

To boost the domain authority of your site you must have sturdy backlinks. You can attain this by guest posting on related blogs and sign up for free PR sites.

4. SEO is a crucial aspect of your marketing mix

SEO is considered as a master when it comes to drawing in prospects and can help increase conversions too.

Being a manager and CEO, your biggest challenge is not about choosing one over another, but how to smartly incorporate SEO into your marketing mix to procure rich rewards. So rather than “always delivering the customers what they want,” it’s time to confront the fact that, even clients at times don’t know how to choose from different alternatives at their disposal.

5. SEO influences the research/buying cycle

SEO is likely to boost your sales without consistently augmenting your marketing costs, hence growing profits exponentially. SEO is capable of pushing your business goals at a far better ROI as against other forms of online marketing because of better conversions and more sales at a minimal cost.

SEO plays an essential role in this research and buying cycle. It’s similar to a potential magnet, magnetizing prospective buyers to your website through acute and pertinent keywords and phrases ranking high in search engines. It’s more about being where your patrons are and leading them to the solutions you offer.

6. SEO costing is flexible

Setting a price for SEO services is very difficult. There are no general standards by which you can fix a ‘price card’ for SEO services. Link building, keyword analysis, and other SEO activities are exceptional, customized and designed differently for particular situations. And even between SEO providers, there’s a broad range of quality. There are seasoned professionals, there are amateurs, scammers and oblivious practitioners.

Being a specialized service, SEO includes a team of people working backdrop. Offering them a petite budget ties their hands, and you can anticipate astral results from their limited effort.

7. SEO is never too expensive!

Nowhere else in the marketing industry is it to disburse by being a contrarian as with picking an appropriate SEO company. While comparing numerous companies, you often tend to choose the least expensive one, while it may be a wise choice to choose the most expensive one!

SEO is not a cost. It is an investment. And even if the high priced SEO firm charges you twice or thrice as much as the rest, as a marketing manager or decision-maker, you should dig deeper as in why they’re so expensive. What makes them as sure as to pitch you with deal others would toss into the trash bin without a second thought?

8. SEO influences social sharing

Are you a social media fan? SEO plays a vital role here. Content shared by users on social networks is directly associated with SEO specific factors such as title tags and Meta descriptions. This is what you notice when people share posts and stories on their Wall, Timeline, profile, etc.

An SEO expert will help you look after this process, in alliance with your marketing and communication team. With the help of SEO, you can acquire control over what people read, think and do on social media sites and share through their networks at a lightning speed.

9. SEO motivates offline sales

A sound SEO begins with rocking and smart buying decisions. In the present scenario, offline sales are driven by research started on the Web. Hence, most businesses cannot afford to overlook online marketing, and also why SEO becomes the basis of every offline company’s digital marketing process.

On a personal note, as business owners, CEOs and managers, what we need to concentrate on is how to yield and reach the best outcomes by uniting forces. We will do ourselves vast favor by not arguing over the most efficient technique, but rather discovering how we can prosperously assimilate the best possible mix and feat it to the full potential in expanding the business and generating revenues.

On the last note, handing someone a violin or piano doesn’t mean they’ll start playing great music. If you desire to hear a piece of great music, prefer hiring a Rockstar. If you desire world-class SEO, hire SEO Stars. Then offer them the budget they require to provide excellent outcomes.

Faraz Sayyed, Director of Notion Technologies- an expert delivering a wide range of services from web design, mobile app, eCommerce, SEO, to content marketing services for fast-growing companies be it Fortune 500, entrepreneurs or small businesses.