Revamp 2024 With the Top 9 Best AI Writing Tools

Best AI Writing Tools

Artificial intelligence writing software has skyrocketed in popularity and efficiency in recent years. Therefore, we’ll discuss the best AI writing tools in the market in 2024.

There has been rapid development in artificial intelligence (AI) systems. Until recently, these tools could only be used for predetermined tasks. But now they can do imaginative things like writing.

With hundreds of capable software solutions flooding the market and investing in a sector that didn’t exist a few years ago, AI writing has emerged from its novelty phase and entered the mainstream.

Many different kinds of AI writing tools exist, and they may be used to do everything from writing long-form work to crafting attention-grabbing headlines to cut down on mistakes and speed up output.

We recommend doing your homework early on to uncover the most effective technologies that will revolutionise the writing profession, as AI writers and helpers are here to stay. We’ll walk you through the best AI writing tools on the market and highlight which ones are best suited for which tasks.

How can the best AI writing tools help Your workflows?

AI writing platforms offer a variety of solutions, which makes sense given the numerous forms of writing and writing jobs people deal with on a daily basis. For example:

  • Copywriting AI tools can help your marketing strategy succeed by writing engaging material like ads, product descriptions, and sales letters.
  • In order to keep your material fresh and up-to-date, there are AI technologies that can rewrite it.
  • Natural language processing (NPL) based on keywords is one way that SEO AI tools can aid in the production of high-quality SEO content. Top SEO tools already use AI to aid with more complex SEO strategies.
  • Software designed specifically for storytelling and creative writing can swiftly produce new concepts and aid in creating engaging material.
  • Furthermore, artificial intelligence (AI) proofreading applications (such as Grammarly) may check for spelling, punctuation, and plagiarism to guarantee that the work is publishable.

9 Best AI writing tools

You write or edit many content styles at a time, like brand, ad, long-form, story, and PR content. If so, the best AI writing tools may help you work more efficiently.

The best AI writing tools can speed up any type of writing. Choosing the proper one should make producing more articles (or any other content you produce) simple. Let’s look at them in detail.

1. Rytr

One of the most widely used AI writing platforms is Rytr. It’s a multifaceted AI tool that’s useful for any marketer. It includes blog post formats, product description examples, and frameworks for producing copy.

After utilising this, your writing style will change forever. Rytr makes it simple and fast to produce professional-grade articles by employing AI technology. Users can create content for a wide range of uses and sectors, including advertising, e-commerce, and more.

The intuitive UI makes it possible to get started right away, even for those with zero AI writing (or writing!) expertise. They’ve also released Rytr Chat, a chatbot that can be used in tandem with the long-form editor to generate targeted content using prompt-based commands written by human authors.

Key features:

  • Generated by AI and available in more than 30 languages
  • There is no need to write extensive prompts because forty-plus templates and use cases are provided.
  • User-friendly design that includes a night mode and a long-form editor
  • A WordPress editor and email client, among others, can all benefit from this Chrome extension’s use of artificial intelligence.
  • Integrating Semrush with Blog Idea and Blog Outline Samples for Accurate Keyword Suggestions
  • It offers a free plan in addition to a starting plan for as little as $9 per month!

2. Jasper

Jasper is widely regarded as one of the best AI writing tools available due to its extensive functionality and high standard of quality. We put it in the second position because the plan pricing begins at $59/month after a free trial period.

Blog posts, emails, marketing text, Facebook ad generator, Google ad generator, SEO meta titles and descriptions, press releases, and more are just some of the more than fifty AI content-generating templates available on the site.

After you provide some seed words, Jasper will use that information to generate sentences, entire paragraphs, and documents appropriate for the topic and your desired tone of voice. It may quickly generate a 1500-word article.

In addition to its popular collection of features, it also offers training, seminars, and conferences in AI. When it comes to cutting-edge AI solutions, Jasper is among the most reliable names in the industry.

Jasper is designed for the more involved tasks that some of us undertake. The tools available on Jasper’s platform contribute to the quality of the generated material.

Key features:

  • More than 11,000 free fonts and 2,500 categories of writing styles
  • Supports 25+ languages
  • Integrates with other powerful tools like Surfer SEO, Chrome extension, and Grammarly
  • Incredible documentation, support, and training made by the company
  • “Boss Mode” and business plans for greater output and collaboration across teams
  • It has access to the internet, so it can write on news that happened this morning

3. WordHero

WordHero is another all-purpose AI writing tool that is especially suitable for use in corporate contexts. It has swiftly come into its own since its launch on AppSumo with a lifetime deal that includes infinite words.

WordHero is most suited for content generation on the fly, such as when you would paste the results into a Word document, Slack channel, or marketing campaign. It has a long-form editor that works well, but the user interface (UI) and file organisation might be improved.

WordHero has a user base that is both devoted and loyal, and these users are always offering suggestions for improvements, which the development team thoughtfully considers. As a result, it is quite likely that the platform will continue to undergo development.

Key features:

  • Template-based AI outputs that can be added to its long-form editor or provide immediate outputs
  • Superior to Rytr in creating engaging blog openers and closers
  • Create as much as you like (within the limits of their acceptable usage policy)
  • It’s tied for one of the top places on our list because it supports over a hundred languages

4. SudoWrite

The artificial intelligence writing software Sudowrite was developed specifically for narratives and other forms of content that rely on storytelling even slightly.

As opposed to other platforms, it is more concerned with the process of writing than with premade templates or recipes. To help you get started writing creatively and descriptively, Sudowrite provides a draught, recommendations, editing advice, and more.

Sudowrite stands out from the crowd of AI writing software by providing a service that isn’t necessarily related to business or blogging.

Sudowrite is perfect for creative professionals in branding and PR! This tool is perfect for all kinds of storytellers, including those who write poems, books, and scripts, and it delivers great results. Their package starts from just $19/month for 30,000 words.

Key features:

  • “First draught” takes a straightforward provocation and expands it to one thousand words
  • It provides auto-complete suggestions in the form of stylized recommendations in a toolbar, all of which are simple to incorporate and pertinent to the current situation
  • Utilise the “Describe” function to add more fascinating language, and use the “Expand” function, which adds more natural content, to slow down the speed of sections of your work

5. Article Forge – Trending Best AI Writing Tools

Article Forge is an amazing AI writing software designed to easily create high-quality long-form content. With Article Forge, generating fresh content is easy!

Simply input a keyword, select some basic parameters like length, and let Article Forge do the rest. Article Forge’s strength lies in its capacity to generate substantial content at once.

That is also a sticking point because it puts more on humans to read, edit, and verify what the AI generated. This AI tool builds content sections efficiently, making the process much smoother than other tools.

If you have a large content organisation and want to increase your editorial output drastically, Article Forge is the tool for you. Excellent for rapidly generating related content (clusters).

The output still has to be edited and checked for accuracy. All the main review sites give it good rates, so they must be doing something right. Price each month begins at just $27.

Key features:

  • Produce professional-grade, extended-form writing with the touch of a button
  • Internal search engine optimization
  • Ability to specify omitted or off-limits subjects that Article Forge should avoid using
  • Generates text and titles with appropriate flow automatically
  • Copy-scape-safe content assurance

6. INK

INK is a content development tool that assists users by combining AI co-writing with an SEO aid. You can generate content with the tool that will have a high ranking on search engines and drive organic traffic thanks to the SEO Assistant feature.

This is made possible by a unique artificial intelligence technology that performs content analysis in real-time while offering recommendations to increase SEO ratings.

AI Co-Writing, the second primary feature, contributes to generating a high-performing copy. It assists users in composing, rewriting, and simplifying sentences.

Key features:

  • Meta optimization
  • Image optimization through compression and resizing
  • Spelling and grammar correction features included
  • Functionalities like AI-Writing, AI-Simplifying, and AI-Expanding are included
  • Connects to the WordPress platform

7. Wordtune – Best AI Writing Tools For Rewriting

Wordtune is an incredibly cutting-edge AI writing software tool that is sure to exceed your expectations! No wonder we listed it in the best AI writing tools in 2024.

Amazingly, this tool goes beyond basic grammar checking and rephrasing to truly understand the context and meaning of the words it receives from you. With the help of advanced, neural-net-based NLP technology, you can create even more captivating and interesting content!

Wordtune can help you improve the readability of your content by paraphrasing it after you provide it with words.

Key features:

  • Smart paste feature
  • Relies on semantic analysis to rewrite articles
  • Gives you complete control over sentence length and style
  • Integrates with social media platforms
  • Is based entirely on the cloud
  • Has a database to help generate small passages or sentences with context

8. Writesonic

Writesonic is an amazing artificial intelligence software for writers. Its free plan allows users to use a GPT 3.5 platform for up to 10,000 words, while its commercial plans can use GPT 4.

Photosonic and ChatSonic are Writesonic’s cutting-edge add-ons that give users access to more helpful AI-driven features. With Writesonic’s cutting-edge AI technology, users can easily and quickly produce high-quality written content. The site also provides users with a number of high-end editing tools, allowing them to polish their work to perfection.

Any user needing generative AI material, pictures, or chat interfaces would certainly profit from the platform due to its rapid rate of invention. It’s a great option if you’re looking for a free, all-around AI authoring website. The basic plan is free, and paid options start at $19 monthly (with a 30% discount for students and non-profits).

Key features:

  • Blog post, landing page, and other template-based content creation tools with AI copywriters
  • SonicEditor is a group text editor feature that allows numerous people to work together to edit and improve a document
  • In addition to writing the copy for landing pages, the generator can code out static landing pages
  • Compatible with both Zapier and Surfer SEO
  • ChatSonic is a GPT-4-like chat solution with access to current popular topics (not only GPT-4 training data), and it’s available with all plans.

9., with its 6+ million users, is a popular AI content generator that excels at producing blog articles, social media updates, and email marketing copy. It provides cutting-edge integrations and solutions for business owners in sales and marketing.

AI’s assistance can greatly boost the productivity of an individual or group working on a particular assignment. Its Linkedin API, for instance, can glean prospect data from a CRM or their Linkedin profile to aid in composing a personalised, well-written cold-outreach message in accordance with copywriting best practices.

Individual or collaborative sales and marketing teams will benefit most from using The Pro plan is ideal for teams because it allows for infinite words, projects, and users.

Key features:

  • Integration with various customer relationship management systems, social media platforms, and marketing and sales software via API allows for very efficient cold calling
  • With a prompt library and a UI reminiscent of ChatGPT, Chat by is a sales and marketing chat app
  • It stands out from other AI writers since its pricing is based on the number of generations of AI used rather than on the number of words or characters produced

Final thoughts on best AI writing tools in 2024

It’s great to see that many AI software writing tools are available on the market, hence, helping individuals and businesses avoid mistakes that could damage your brand.

The latest AI technologies are highly advantageous in creating innovative and captivating content. Therefore, using one of these 9 best AI writing software tools, you can enhance your content and boost productivity, all while saving valuable time.

Faraz Sayyed, Director of Notion Technologies- an expert delivering a wide range of services from web design, mobile app, eCommerce, SEO, to content marketing services for fast-growing companies be it Fortune 500, entrepreneurs or small businesses.