Importance of Web Design in Marketing Campaigns

Importance of Web Design in Marketing Campaigns

Your website is your digital calling card. If the web design is not user-friendly, it could wreak havoc with your marketing endeavors. Hence, you need to make sure that your website design is effective and the perfect complement to your online marketing campaigns.

Statistics show that 48% prospective buyers believe the website design is the most important element to decide whether the site is capable of meeting their needs. Your website design is just too important to ignore, based on these statistics.

Marketing and Web Design

You may have the most creative online marketing campaign. However, it will fade away without the envisaged results if your website is poorly designed. After all, the aim of your marketing campaign is to get your target audience to get to your website and then buy what you are offering. However, if the design is not user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing or perfectly optimized for search engine, you will lose the money that you have poured into your marketing campaign.

Importance of Web Design for Online Marketing

Any web designing Mumbai company will tell you that web design is more important than you think. Here are some reasons why you should redesign your website before you launch your online marketing campaign.

Search Engine Optimization:

Your website design affects SEO. When you redesign the site, it will assist your Google ranking. So, begin with getting rid of duplicate content in your site. Google does not take duplicate content very lightly and penalizes your site for it.

Thereafter, make sure that you insert meta descriptions, title tags, and alt tags. Consult your website development Bangalore team to do it for you if it sounds Greek to you. They will have it done within no time. The simple SEO elements should be an integral part of your web design.

Drives Conversions:

Website design plays a crucial role in conversions. A research by Northumbria and Sheffield Universities has revealed that the 94% of the first impression that your website visitors is related to design. So, if your marketing campaign it trying to get first-time visitors to buy a product or service, the design is essential to ensure conversion.

A web designing Mumbai company can improve the text, online forms and the layout of your site to significantly boost conversion rates. However, make sure you let the company know your business goals so that they can work on it accordingly. This way, you will not just have a fantastic looking site, but also one that is effective.

Enhanced User Experience:

UX, or user experience, is important for each and every marketing campaign. It does not matter that your site has the best quality content, it will fall flat if visitors to your site does not offer a superior user experience.

Make sure your users have the best experience when visiting your site. It begins with loading speed. Ensure that the graphics are condensed without marring their resolution so that your site downloads quickly and the bounce rate decreases. Most surveys show that users expect a site to download in about two to three seconds. That should be your goal, or your target audience will abandon it and move to your competition. Also, ensure that the navigation is simple so that visitors can easily explore different sections. This will increase the likelihood of conversion.

Creates Brand Awareness:

Your marketing campaigns are not merely to sell products or offers, but also to create brand awareness. You can do this by making sure that your business statement and goals are clear to visitors. You should be able to evoke emotions in the visitors.

Get your website development Bangalore team to choose the right colors for the background. You will be amazed the impact it can have on a blog post. Also, ensure that the site design is in sync with your business message so that there is no scope for ambiguities. Rather, it functions as a tool to drive them to purchase what you are selling.

The Bottom Line

You cannot have a successful marketing campaign if you don’t have the perfect website design. Your online marketing strategy should take into account the site design; otherwise, you are spending money on your strategy uselessly. It will not reap the desired results. So, consult with a reliable and reputable website development Bangalore company to redesign your website and come up with a design and layout that represents your company brand and message to the T. It is only after you take this step can you be certain that your online marketing campaigns will be a roaring success.

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