Find Out The Statement That Is True About Bumper Ads

Which Statement Is True About Bumper Ads?

Did you know that website visitors have an 8-second attention span before they leave your site and look elsewhere for what they want? With this short attention span and infinite amounts of content, it has become more crucial than ever for businesses to stand out quickly before they lose the interest of their target audience.

This can be a Herculean task for businesses. Thankfully, there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Your business does not have to get lost in the cluttered ocean of content. You can choose paid advertising to target your audience based on a range of demographics as well as their behavior and preferences. However, research has shown that many people find ads intrusive and are likely to block such ads. So, that can work against you if you go for paid advertising on social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. So, how do you overcome this obstacle?

The answer lies in bumper ads. Yes, you heard correctly. These are merely 6-second ads on YouTube that give you an opportunity to

Which statement is true about bumper ads?

Until 2016, YouTube ads were for 30 seconds. So, when YouTube announced that it would be offering ads for 6 seconds, advertisers were baffled. They were wondering which statement is true about bumper ads. Will the ads benefit the advertiser or was it just a gimmick? After all, it would be next to impossible to fit brand messages in merely 6 seconds.

While 6 seconds is a short time to convey your brand story, you should think from the audience’s perspective. It is a format that they favor as 6 seconds is not that long. On the other hand, you, as an advertiser, would have to be highly creative to ensure you deliver an effective message during that short period.

Since Gen X and millennials have declining attention spans and are major users of social media sites, it is natural that these sites will try to reach out to them in any way possible. So, short ad formats are perfect. Many advertisers who have used bumper ads have found it quite a profitable investment for their business.

However, there are still doubts about these short-format ads, and some marketers and advertisers want to know which statement is true about bumper ads. For them, here are some stats that are quite impressive and win them over.

Nearly 90% of advertisers on YouTube saw a rise in ad recall after the platform ran 300 bumper ad campaigns. Since 2017, YouTube has stated that it has witnessed a 70% increase in advertisers quarter-on-quarter who want to run bumper ads. So, it pays to learn which is the best practice for creating effective bumper ads.

Which is a key benefit of bumper ads?

Now that you know what bumper ads are, it is time to look at the main benefits.

1. Cost-effective online advertising solution

If you are advertising using Google, you should know that Google uses cost-per-thousand impressions to calculate the cost of advertising. In other words, you are charged after every thousand displays of your ad. This is an affordable advertising solution as bumper ads are short and come without a skip button. So, they are perfect for making a lasting impression on your target audience.

2. Does not disrupt viewing experience

Viewers find the 15 seconds and 30 seconds ads highly disruptive as they can spoil the viewing experience. On the other hand, these short ads run merely for 6 seconds and if you make those seconds engaging and get your message across, viewers will not find the ad annoying and will remember your brand.

3. Non-skippable ads

If you are wondering which is a key benefit of bumper ads then you should know that not being able to skip definitely works to your advantage. While pre-roll YouTube ads are also non-skippable, they fail to provide the experience that you are seeking. Bumper ads are perfect to reach out to your target audience, as they cannot skip them and they last just for 6 seconds without disrupting their viewing experience. These short ads have a lasting impact and get registered in the viewers’ minds. Hence, they can recall the ad and if they see the ad persistently, your brand will always come to their mind when they want to buy a product or service you offer. Learning which is the best practice for creating effective bumper ads will ensure high ROI.

4. Enhance brand awareness

You want to drive quality traffic to your business website as you want higher and better conversions. One fantastic way to do that is through bumper ads. Engaging ad content can capture viewers’ attention and that boosts brand awareness. As viewers get familiar with your brand, it transforms your business into an authority. Research shows that consumers and buyers like to buy products and services from authority brands. So, bumper ads work to your advantage.

The bottom line

As other brands battle with their target audience’s short attention span, you can get a competitive edge as you know the true value of bumper ads. You can leverage the wide reach of YouTube and make your brand stand out. That increases the chances of getting more traffic that you can then convert into paying customers.

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Faraz Sayyed, Director of Notion Technologies- an expert delivering a wide range of services from web design, mobile app, eCommerce, SEO, to content marketing services for fast-growing companies be it Fortune 500, entrepreneurs or small businesses.