5 UI Design Trends You Need to Know in 2023

The world of UI and mobile app design has gone through various reiterations and stages of evolutions. With every passing year, new web and app design trends seemingly pop up which in turn give birth to new trends the following year. With 2016 drawing to a close, it’s that time of the year where we look ahead to the future and throw light on the latest UI trends to hit 2023 which in turn, will revolutionize the world of web and app design.

1. Full-screen video

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Full-screen videos create strong breath-taking visuals which are powerful enough to grab attention and captivate the senses of the web user. They have increasingly made their presence known on many websites because of their ability to alleviate the brand image far more quickly. As people spend more times using mobile phones and tablets, website development companies have increasingly incorporated full-screen videos to engage users by adding dimension and depth which in turn helps customers get a richer understanding of a brand.

2. Authentic photography

Notion Technologies is a Award winning web, Application, iOS, Android, Social Media, SEO, Digital Marketing Company.

With new websites churning out by the dozen every single day, standing out from the crowd has become a seemingly difficult task. The best web design companies recognized the importance of authentic visuals as they are the cornerstone of almost every single branding campaign. For brands to be taken seriously, they simply can’t rely on stock pictures which simply undermine the credibility of your brand as customers increasingly seek authenticity from the brands they use. To truly represent the brand nous and philosophy, companies need to use fresh and unique striking visuals and designs to show their company in the best light. Authenticity is like currency. Spend it wisely or it will be wasted.

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3. Gradients and vivid colors

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A few years ago, flat design was all the rage with its clean, uncluttered look mixed with subtle gradients and minimalistic design which helped drive many a trend. However, as with every trend, flat design has been so overly used that it no longer has its USP anymore. This is where vivid colors and gradients come into the picture; use of more exciting color help add depth, light, and personality to help your brand stand out by adding an overall dynamic feel and energy to it. This thus helps add more charm to the flat design concept while adding a bit more to the aesthetics of a site. Gradients and vivid colors are here to stay as the world craves for more personality.

4. Typography


As devices resolutions become higher with every passing year, simple typefaces seem to be the order of the day for brands as they aren’t just user-friendly and offer better readability but also help deliver a sharper, uncluttered look to better appeal to their users. Typography is surely going to be one the hottest trends in 2023 owing to its minimalist UI design and beautiful and unique text and image layering which are sure to evoke emotion and set the tone to better distinguish the brand from others.

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5. Micro-interactions


2023 can easily be deemed as the year of micro interactions. They not only help incorporate a fun element and replace static visuals but also provide an intuitive way to interact with a website thus helping increase web user engagement by developing a strong connection with its users. Micro-interactions play a crucial role and are one of the must-have design elements in web design India as it engages users by imparting a personal touch to interact more with the website thus helping make the brand’s website, graphically rich and highly appealing.


2023 is surely the year which will have website development companies on their toes with so many more trends besides the one’s mentioned above. The best design companies will surely keep these trends in mind to make your website stand out before designing and developing a brand’s web design.