2024: The SEO Scenario in Digital Marketing World

2024: The SEO Scenario in Digital Marketing World
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We are in the last month of the year now. 2023 is almost ending and this is a time when we look back to memorize what have we witnessed throughout the year. It was an eventful year for the digital marketing field, especially the content marketing industry has been shown a steady growth in the digital market. SEO Agency or companies have taken it to some other level of marketing with the help of Rank tracking and other SEO Tools. As the year is passing by we are ready to welcome 2024. Here are few predictions that can be expected in the upcoming year.

AMP by Google: mobile optimization

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages Program was floored by Google back in the first month of the year 2016. It was initially bit difficult for the leading SEO Company to get what it is. But lately, the scenario has changed largely. Under this program, Google links each page to AMP search results. This strategy leads to centralize the company’s plan. It is already a year passed after the launch of AMP and if you still haven’t added the program to your SEO Packages then go for it now. It is easy.

After installing the AMP, you need to validate all the AMPs in Google Search Console. Once it is done enable the AMP tracking in the Google Analytics and the work is done.

Don’t forget Siri: voice search

2016 has been bit partial towards Voice Search. The trend seems not to change in coming year as well. Voice search has become more popular than ordinary search. Siri, Cortana, Google Now – these were the best virtual assistant throughout the year. The scenario will be same in 2024 as well. It is important for the SEO agency to make things better as the customers are comfortable in taking help from virtual assistants. When it comes to SEO it is important that Siri knows your website or Cortana can lead your customer to your service page.

Quality content: microcontent

When you find affordable SEO packages, don’t forget to check for the quality contents as well. Not all SEO Company is equipped with quality contents. It is necessary for your company to deliver something that not only attracts your customer but also sticks them to it. Another point to be added here is micro-content. If you look at the trend long contents are not worth if they are not engaging. People don’t waste their time on long content but they prefer epic micro contents.

Video is on rise

YouTube has become the second huge search engine today. Adding videos to the SEO Packages will be a wise decision to optimize your content. More than a piece of writing we prefer an HD movie, isn’t it? Add anything and everything to your video and make them easily available on YT, the second largest search platform today.


2023 has brought a lot of growth in SEO. If we follow the prediction, the trend in 2024 is almost same with more advancement. However, it can be concluded that conventional SEO tools like Rank Tracking and RankBrain will still be included in SEO Packages.

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