10 Biggest Mistakes You Make When Choosing An SEO Company

SEO Company

Every business commences its online presence with the intention to establish an effective online presence. SEO is one such pathway that can help you accomplish this goal. It can drive you “focused” traffic organically, if done right.

But, most of the businesses aren’t aware of the SEO thing. Hence, they unknowingly commit some mistakes which end up significantly costing them. It also enables the bad SEO firms to take advantage of these companies.

Therefore, it’s better to pass from the safer side and be aware of the pitfalls if you don’t want to be broken. If you’re also on your way to finding the best SEO company in Mumbai or online, we’ve got you covered!

This post is going to discuss the 10 biggest mistakes people make while choosing SEO firms!

1. Not defining your goals and the basics of SEO

First things first, people usually feel the need for SEO while thinking of becoming more visible online. In most cases, they hear about SEO from the outside and don’t even bother to explore it.

Whereas it can harm your business. If you don’t even know the first thing about SEO, how come you expect to judge someone around that? It’d be easy for anyone to fool you. So, it’s better you go through the basics once and then decide what you need.

2. Top SEO companies don’t purchase irrelevant backlinks

Integrating Backlinks in your content is a foolproof way to boost your SEO ranking. On the other hand, buying and using backlinks in bulk is a red flag. This technique is against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

It misleads and cheats on Google and other search engines, to rank you higher than what you deserve.

Some SEO companies buy backlinks in bulk and incorporate them into content even if they’re irrelevant to it. This deceptive way can even get you caught and fined by Google resulting in killing your SEO ranking.

3. They’ll rank you fast

Honestly, SEO is meant for the long haul. Short-term results don’t even exist in this world. It takes significant time to appear on the first page of Google SERPS.

You’ll find tons of SEO firms claiming positive results within a span of a week, month or so. While it may work as a get-rich-quick scheme, it won’t last long and eventually cause Google to charge a penalty or block your website as discussed above.

SEO is an ongoing process. But, once things kick off, it’ll get better week by week, month by month. Any “right” firm will keep yielding positive results for your business gradually, but not quickly.

4. They want a long-term partnership

Before buying something in bulk, it’s better to give it a try first. The same goes here as well. Some SEO companies will ask you to sign a long-term contract immediately. Maybe they’ll offer you some discount to do so. If this happens, take a step back! It doesn’t seem like a good approach to commit for a long time immediately.

Unless you know them personally or have tried their services for a little time, never sign a long-term commitment. Doing so can get you locked and you may not be able to step back once you’re tangled up with them.

5. Partnering-up with a Non-experienced SEO agency

Experience and expertise are two confusing terms, and interrelated too. Despite the establishment of new and smart SEO firms progressively, we’ll still take the old-school approach. We’ll partner up with an agency having some experience under their belt.

An SEO company with experience will know exactly what works and whatnot. Moreover, their past works will prove what and why they’re the best. You can ask them for the results they’ve produced for their previous clients. Analyze their performance and then move on to make a fair decision.

6. They don’t have any testimonials

Before choosing any top SEO company, make sure you’re taking your time. Do proper research and then conclude. One best way to choose the top SEO company would be to look at their references and proofs that they have.

For this, ask the firm to provide you with testimonials and case studies. If this doesn’t exist, be ready to say goodbye to them! If they’re good enough, they’ll have plenty of good reviews, and case studies of how they’ve helped others.

Moreover, if the case studies of projects similar to yours, it will enable you to understand what you can expect from them.

7. They don’t care about your business

Every business is different, so do its audience, goals, and requirements.

If the SEO company you’re looking to partner up with has customary packages, it’s a big no! One size fits all packages may hurt your business because it’s your goal that defines your requirements. Random packages won’t work!

Good firms determine your requirements by having a look at your business, website, and aim. They’ll research your competitors to find ways to make you stand out. All of these efforts contribute to a good and worth it “package”.

8. Their offers are cheaper in the market

The danger of stripping you of your pocket may lead you to fall for cheap or the most “affordable” SEO firms in the market.

While this may seem to fit your pocket, it will eventually break you when considered for the long haul and will contribute nothing to your growth.

So, make sure you set realistic budgets, as the ultra-low SEO companies use to underdeliver. They’re likely to hand you over a duplicate strategy that will never work.

Or else, communicating with them would be a terrible experience. Thus, you must check the market prices and pay what’s required.

9. Browsing only local SEO company

Tons of excellent SEO firms are opening every day across the world. We don’t think SEO has anything to do with your location.

Keep these companies with expertise and experience at the forefront of your mind as you browse for SEO companies.

Because when it comes to SEO, your topmost priority should be anything excluding how far the company exists.

It includes your growth, the performance of the company, and the overall experience you’ll have. Limiting your search with your location can limit your business’s growth too!

10. They practice black-hat SEO

Every company starts with SEO with the objective to grow online. However, SEO doesn’t deliver immediate results.

As no great thing is suddenly created, it usually takes three to six months to get noticeable results with SEO. This time factor can even lead to frustration resulting in you falling for black-Hat SEO agencies.

But, black-Hat SEO companies iron out the kinks of SEO in an unethical manner.

They can deliver quick results but it will never last and you don’t want that. That’s why it’s crucial to avoid choosing Black-Hat SEO agencies if you love your business.

The last word

Being on the web and not accomplishing SEO can be of no use. While looking for an SEO agency, instead of asking how to choose the best SEO company, you must ask what to avoid.

Paying attention to it will help you bypass the pitfalls and choose your perfect fit to grow online.

Faraz Sayyed, Director of Notion Technologies- an expert delivering a wide range of services from web design, mobile app, eCommerce, SEO, to content marketing services for fast-growing companies be it Fortune 500, entrepreneurs or small businesses.