Tips for Popularizing Your eCommerce Portal

Tips for Popularizing Your eCommerce Portal

You have made the best possible design for your e-commerce portal. Use the best possible color combination to WOW your clients in less than 10 seconds. You have an army of expert panelists, but sadly you don’t have many visitors on your site. Is this your reality too?

Yes, many of the promising start-ups complain of lower traffic. Despite having the brilliant ideas and marketing strategies in place, these start-ups are struggling to find a customer base that can generate business.

In order to drive traffic towards your ePortal, here are some tips to follow according to a web designing company in india:

Pay attention to content:

Is your content engaging enough for your readers? Are you able to sell your strong points without writing a thesis on it?

The art of getting your readers hooked is to keep your copy crisp. Get the services of a trained copywriter instead of writing it yourself.

Make Visually Appealing:

An e-Commerce portal is no lesser art work. It requires as much creativity as an artist puts into his work. Look at the nuances of your color and font. Do they looking appealing?

One of the best practices is to use minimal color combination instead of going for rainbow colors. This makes it easier for the customers to engage with your portal.

Think from Customers Perspective:

So, you studied in one of the top B-Schools and think your ideas are always right. Wrong! No matter how loaded you are in terms of degrees, the marketplace is eventually guided by the taste and trends that your customers define. So, keep the focus on the customer. Always think like a customer.

Soft Marketing:

The days of aggressive marketing are over. No one likes being told and sold. This is the age of subtle marketing. Highlight your business and service through blogs, webinars, Social Media instead of asking upfront. This small change in your marketing strategy will go a long way in helping your sales.

Be Innovative:

Having a tattoo on your palm of your company logo to throwing a marketing party instead of an usual meeting. Try different things, there’s nothing more effective than constant innovation.

Ruhail Amin is Consulting Editor Content and New Media at Notion Technologies.