5 Productivity Tips for Home Office Workers

5 Productivity Tips for Home Office Workers

The initial days of a start-up can mean constant compromises. Be it the workplace or the working hours, one has to get used to adjustments in order to set the business going. Working from home might sound fun but in reality it is not so easy. Focusing on your work amidst noise of kids, regular visitors and daily household chores might sound overwhelming at times. But, there are ways you can still get the best out of your work time at home if you follow these simple rules:

1. Create a dedicated space for work No matter how small your workstation might look, the best practice is to have one. It will allow you to create a boundary around your job. Don’t forget working at home is serious business.

2. Block your time Your home office might give you the space to be flexible but that does not mean your clients will be forgetting the deadlines. In order to meet the deadlines on time, it is imperative to schedule fixed hours for work. This means no more opening the fridge door every 10 min or answering the doorbell or even picking up the phone.

3. Dress Like A Professional Your home office is an extension of the actual work space. The only liberty is that you can choose your working hours. However shifting from a lounge to serious mood can be an issue with many home based entrepreneurs. One of the best ways to do so is to dress up for work even if your home office is inches away from your couch. This will help you get into the work mode quickly and help you be in total control of your day’s schedule.

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4. Right Ambience There’s a big difference between work and drudgery. In most cases creating the right ambience can turn work into an engrossing experience. Ambience has a lot to do with the kind of lighting you choose to work in. The crux of this pint is to create a workstation that pushes you to greater productivity and interest in work.

5. De-Clutter Yes, you heard it right. Get rid of irrelevant material from your workstation. It will not only help you get organized but also give an impression that you mean business.

photo credit: Tom Carmony via photopin cc