How to Triple Your SEO Efforts Just by Blogging

How to Triple Your SEO Efforts Just by Blogging

SEO, Search Engine optimization and Search Engine Marketing has become really important in the current scenario. Whenever writers are handed the responsibility of writing an article or any other piece of writing then they are expected to keep the SEO in mind so that the article could get more traffic on internet.

SEO refers to the use of the main keywords for at least 3 or 4 times in an article so that whenever the topic is being searched then the article will automatically come up in the search and the traffic will automatically increase.

Blogging has become really important for writers in the present scenario. It has been working perfectly for publicizing your work and is a new medium of spreading out your views. Blogging has been used lately for better search engine optimization. A few tips can be recommended here if you want better SEO through blogging and let’s take a look at it.

1. Own your domain

People believe that if you are really serious about your work then you would definitely own your own domain and host it yourself. If you do not own one then it is the time for you. Get your own domain and setup hosting ready from the starting because even Google points out to sites which are serious.

2. Focus on your keywords

Blogging allows you to use some other words and phrases which match with your industrial topic but are not exactly made for it. Try to focus on your keywords to keep the article going in the right direction and you can also enjoy the leverage of other words and phrases at the same time.

3. Make your original content strong

Writing work is done to solve the client’s purpose. It is important to keep your content strong and original because the main aim of Google is to provide right content to their clients and that is what is expected from you as well. Try to provide the content that people are looking for because this is the way by which you will be more promoted on the net.

4. Make your theme SEO optimized

Try and optimize your theme to the fullest so that the Google believes that you are trustworthy. Your theme is really important and so is SEO optimization so try to keep them connected so that you won’t have to face any sorts of problems in writing.

5. Sharing is essential

Sharing is really essential for getting more exposure and traffic to your sites and work and for that you will be needing sharing buttons. Don’t forget to add sharing buttons to your sites because they will enable your viewers to help you get more traffic on your write ups and other works.

6. Link it out

Web users usually reach you and other sites through web links this means that adding more web links becomes essential here. Adding more web links to blogs will increase your blog’s accessibility and even its credibility. Try adding your other blogs as suggested blog links so at the end of your blog so that you can gain some traffic for them as well.

7. Comment on other blogs

Commenting on other blogs can be a great way of publicizing yourself. It will not only increase your traffic and exposure but it will better your relationships with other writers as well. Try using your real name for commenting so you can be recognized originally. Your comments will also help you as your back links and will provide you with information about your competitor’s back links as well.

8. Permalinks

Focus on your permalinks because that is how people reach you and know you by. They are your permanent address for your blogs and articles. They are made of root and extensions and try to fix up the structure for better response whenever required. Don’t change the old and original permalinks because they can break your back links which you will not want.

9. Social media can be a blessing

Google now likes to bring forward or promote the sites which have a social media standing which can be an article’s authority. If people are tweeting about your work or promoting it on other social media then it will be good for you and will definitely encourage you to write more and even better.

10. Get in touch with SEO moz

For the beginners it could be a bit more over the top but once you get in touch with it you will be able to understand the tactics, trends and practices necessary for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Try to read the blog at least once or twice a week for more knowledge.

Search engine optimization has been used and promoted for some time now and works tremendously on Google. These tips can be a great help for you for future.

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