Responsive Web Design Strategy for 2024 and Its Benefits

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Responsive Web Design Strategy for 2016 and Its Benefits

Today people are more into internet and they prefer to operate smart phones and tablets more than PCs and laptops. This is because phones and tablets are portable and easily to carry and can be used anywhere. To make internet surfing more comfortable in phone and tablets there some techniques that web designers are applying to give us the best result. These techniques are called as Responsive Web Design. The smartphones and tablets are rapidly adopting the web browsing capacity of mobile friendly websites. The interaction with websites on desktop and laptop is not same as in the phones and tablets.

What is responsive web designing?

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is an approach of creating and coding a website such a way that it provides a perfect visual experience that is easily reading, navigating, panning and scrolling in different range of device and still experiencing the same comfort like in wide view.

Responsive web designing techniques or strategy for 2024;

  • Liquid or Fluid Layout
    Assuming all the web containers width in terms of percentages of the viewport, so that they contract and expand with the change of the browser window size.
  • Media queries
    Imploring various style sheets based on the display capacity of a webpage that is used such as resolution of the page, size of the page, aspect ratio of the page and color depth.
  • Fluid image
    With the change of the web browsing devices the image will also adjust its size accordingly.

The important benefits of using responsive web designing:

  • Being Super Flexible
    Responsive web designing sites are super fluid that mean these sites can adopt the change of web browsing navigators. All these sites flow freely across all size and resolution of screens.
  • The Users Experience An Excellent View
    RWD is all about servicing an excellent facility of viewing a site irrespective of the resolution of the device screen, whether it is a desktop or a smartphone.
  • This Service is for all
    Responsive web design is for a busy professional worker who works in the day and again this service is that flexible that it services the purpose of a student who is wide awake at night for accessing the tutorial sites.

So it is understood that using responsive web design in 2024 can help a lot to fix the problem of adopting mobile friendly sites from a desktop to a smartphone. It is to be mentioned that responsive web design is also cost effective and easy to be managed.

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