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Evolving local SEO services provide new ways to gain exposure

Grow with Local SEO Services

In today’s market, relying on a single element of search is no longer enough. To dominate, you need a complete local SEO strategy that will drive customers to your business instead of your competitors.

With Google constantly updating its algorithm on the way it displays local business results, succeeding in local search can be hard. Fortunately, our SEO team lives and breathes local search, constantly adapting to the changes to ensure that our clients stay ahead of the game.

Partnering with us means working with a team of geeks who have been doing this for over a decade. So, we know exactly what works and what does not. We work closely with you to deliver a proven process and long-term local SEO strategy that will consistently build your digital presence. Notion Technologies stay up-to-date on every local search change and that enables us to adjust our strategies to help you succeed in a crowded marketplace.

We work to build a customized local SEO strategy for you for the long term and this works to constantly elevate your digital presence to showcase your business in front of the right target audience.

What is local SEO?

Local SEO is the process of optimizing your site and its content for optimal visibility in the search results when someone performs a local-intent-based search. The idea is to provide Google and other search engines with the necessary information to match your local business to people searching for the products and services you offer at the exact moment they are searching for them.

You are probably already familiar with local SEO without realizing it. When you are in the market for a new product or service, you might pull out your phone and search "near me" to find the closest options. Google uses a variety of factors to determine your location and provide you with the most relevant results. By optimizing your website for local SEO, you can ensure that your business appears at the top of those results, giving you a significant advantage over your competitors.

The power of local SEO allows you to immediately capture a local target audience that has a high intent of buying.  This enables you to beat your competition and acquire paying customers, who use their smartphones to search for just about anything.

How local search works

For businesses looking to grow within the local market, local search success is the key. Local search engine optimization (SEO) involves many factors, including major Google algorithm changes, such as Pigeon and Possum, which have significantly impacted local search results.

At Notion Technologies, we understand the importance of these algorithm changes and how they can affect businesses like yours. Our experienced team has navigated through algorithm updates and revisions, and we are equipped to help you achieve local search success.

Local SEO Services

Even though you understand the value of local SEO, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. That is why we have developed local SEO services that are customizable for businesses of any size and budget. Whether you are a new entrant into the market or have years of presence, our local SEO services can maximize your presence and make you a force to compete with.

Local optimization

Our local SEO team strategically optimizes your website for local audiences through keyword research and intelligent on-page SEO techniques. Our goal is to drive customers to your physical and online store.

Content creation

Our experienced copywriters create locally optimized content that connects with your customers. We understand how to create content that resonates with local audiences.

Landing pages

Creating a strong local presence begins with your website. Our web design team focuses on developing websites that are structured to easily adapt to the needs of local searchers.

business profile

We optimize your Google Business Profile (previously referred to as Google My Business) to ensure maximum exposure on the local search results page and within Google Maps.


Managing your online reputation is critical. We guide you through the process of acquiring positive reviews and handling negative ones professionally so that you always have a stellar online reputation.

Local citations

Our team fixes, creates, and cleans up your local listings in various directories to improve your business’ online exposure. This harmonization of local citations plays a major role in local SEO.

Paid advertising

Paid advertising can provide the extra impetus needed to dominate your local market. Our team has experience managing hundreds of local campaigns that are customized to suit our clients’ business goals.

Schema markup

We can help translate your website content into a language that search engines understand. Our local SEO team implements Schema Markup, a coding language, that clearly communicates the content of your site to search engines.

Local SEO and your business

If you are running a local business, your business must appear in local search results. Nowadays, people expect quick and efficient ways to find businesses nearby, especially with the rise of voice search, smartphones, and instant answers. Immediate accessibility is the key to success in local search.

Research shows that nearly 60% of all online searches are through smartphones and nearly 50% of these searches lead to store visits within a day. Once customers are in the store, they are ready to make a purchase. Being present in local search results can have a significant impact on your business’ success, and it is something that you cannot afford to ignore.

Optimizing your local business presence involves multiple factors that work together to help your business stand out from the competition. Our experienced local SEO team can bring these factors together to create a cohesive strategy that will benefit both your business and potential customers. With our expert local SEO services, you can ensure that your business is visible online when it matters the most.

Why choose our local SEO agency?

Our roots in search engine optimization go back over 10 years and continue to be the cornerstone of our business. The difference between our local SEO services and those of our rivals is our commitment to keeping current with the latest trends and best practices, as well as continuously honing our abilities. Our process begins with learning about your brand, your narrative, and your specific business objectives.

We are capable of taking the necessary steps to create an online platform for your local business to flourish. We adhere to industry best practices and utilize a few innovative and unique local SEO techniques we've acquired over the years to help your business grow and thrive in a competitive local marketplace.

This is the right time to take control of your online presence and you can do that by investing in a proven local SEO strategy. Our focus on the most recent digital marketing methods allows us to transform your online presence which drives digital traffic to your website and foot traffic to your store.

Get in touch with us right away and we will craft a local SEO strategy that is right for your business.

Exceptional results, happy clients

We have been using Notion Technologies's SEO services since the last 3 years and I must say that they have proved to be a valuable partner in helping us grow our site profile and visibility in organic search which were beyond our expectations. The seo expert team here used some unique ways to give us the best results in a short term.

Gautam Kitchlu

Chief Marketing Officer, Thane, India

I really like the way Notion Technologies handled our project. Accessible and answerable to all our queries is what depicts their true professionalism. This SEO company in India has all the skills to help achieve your digital marketing needs and goals. Highly recommended.

Amir Bormand

Director of Marketing, Andheri Mumbai, India

Notion Technologies is the best SEO company in India with a highly skilled team to provide prompt services. They have always been approachable and accessible, having a genuine understanding of our needs.

Sumit Shah

Brand Strategist, Mumbai, India

We have been working with Notion Technologies for the past 6 months for SEO services. They have really helped improve our rankings while increasing our organic traffic 3x times. Almost all of our desired keywords are ranking in top 5 in Google and Bing. I highly recommend Notion Technologies.

Aarish Shah

Founder, Navi Mumbai India

10/10 to the hard work that Notion Technologies puts into every project. Notion Technologies first understood our goals and objectives before commencing work. The outcome - we got the desired results and achieved more than our projected digital marketing goals. I therefore highly recommend Notion Technologies - the SEO company.

Shivangi Verma

Marketing Associate, Thane, India

We’ve worked with Notion Technologies for website development and SEO optimisation. They have done great work to increase our web traffic and online sales significantly. Their team is very helpful and keeps a proper track of the progress done. Definitely would recommend this SEO Agency.

Ishi Rodriguez

CEO, Andheri Mumbai, India

NotionTech is simply the best SEO company in Mumbai. It has amazing efficacy, professionalism and knowledge when it comes to carrying out the task of digital presence. Thanks to their exceptional services, we are now ranking on top for all competitive keywords.

Dharmesh Patel

CTO, Andheri Mumbai, India


Common local SEO services questions

And we have the answers

What is local search engine optimization?

Local search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the process of enhancing your online presence to achieve higher rankings in relevant local search results. All your online assets need to be optimized, ranging from your website to online business profiles. For instance, if you have a plumbing company that serves clients in Miami, FL, local SEO aims to make your business appear prominently in searches like "Miami plumber” and “Miami FL plumber”.

What is the difference between local SEO and traditional SEO?

Local SEO and traditional SEO have several distinctions, such as:

Search intent: Local SEO focuses on searches with a localized intent, such as "bakery near me". On the other hand, traditional SEO targets non-localized searches like "productivity app". Local SEO is particularly beneficial for businesses offering in-person services.

Tactics: Local SEO and traditional SEO employ different strategies. Local SEO strategies typically involve claiming and optimizing citation listings, such as Google Business Profile, due to their impact on local rankings. Companies often invest in both traditional SEO and local SEO to drive revenue and lead generation.

In most cases, companies will invest in both traditional SEO and local SEO because they drive revenue.

Why is local search engine optimization important?

Local search engine optimization holds importance for several reasons. Some of them are as follows:

Relevancy: The number of searches, including terms like "near me", has doubled in the last few years. This indicates that more people are seeking convenient ways to find businesses in proximity online. With local SEO, you can effectively reach users at critical moments, when they are looking for a business that offers products or services that you do.

Conversion rate: Did you know that a whopping 80% of local searches result in conversions? This underscores the importance of appearing in relevant local search results. By improving your online visibility through local SEO, you can significantly transform your business, expand your service area, and increase the impact within your community.

Tracking: Local SEO's impact can be measured through various metrics, such as website visits, phone calls, and more. Notion Technologies' local SEO services even enable tracking of the bottom-line impact, allowing you to attribute in-store sales and leads to local search efforts.

By optimizing local SEO, you can enhance critical business metrics such as:

  • In-store visits

  • Sales

  • Leads

  • And more

What are local SEO ranking factors?

Multiple factors play a role in determining local SEO rankings, including:

  • User experience

  • Backlinks

  • Keywords

  • Google Business Profile

  • Reviews

  • Proximity

Improving your company's website and optimizing local listings, such as Google Business Profile, for local search rankings require time and expertise. Since businesses often have busy schedules, local SEO optimization services become a valuable investment.

How do you do local SEO?

To effectively implement local SEO, focus on the following seven strategies. If you choose Notion Technologies' local SEO services, we can handle all these steps for you!

1. Enhance your Google Business Profile listing

Google Business Profile listings are crucial for local searches as they provide essential information about businesses. Claiming and optimizing your Google Business Profile listing is essential to appear in Google's local SEO 3-pack, which appears at the top of search results.

2. Build local citations

Apart from your Google Business Profile, it's important to create local citations containing your business's name, address, phone number, and website. These citations can be established on platforms like Bing, Yelp, Foursquare, Facebook, Apple Maps, TripAdvisor, and more.

3. Target keywords

To rank higher in local search results, optimize your website and content with local keywords. For instance, a dental practice in Harrisburg could target keywords like "Top Harrisburg Dentist" or "Award-winning Harrisburg Dentistry" in page titles, meta descriptions, and site copy. Creating location-specific pages can further boost visibility for local searches.

4. Monitor ratings and reviews

It is crucial for local businesses to actively monitor and respond to online reviews. Reviews can appear on your website and third-party platforms like Google Business Profile, Yelp, and Facebook. It is important to reply to all reviews, positive or negative, to demonstrate your commitment to customer needs.

Since people often rely on reviews when choosing local businesses, maintaining updated reviews and engaging with customers can attract more visitors to your business. If managing reviews seems time-consuming, Notion Technologies offers online review management services to help you maintain a strong digital presence.

5. Build links

Acquiring backlinks from reputable local businesses can significantly enhance your local search rankings. To earn backlinks, create valuable content that targets local keywords relevant to your business. If other websites find your content valuable, they may link back to your site in their own content.

Search engines like Google consider both the quantity and quality of backlinks when ranking websites, so having a robust backlink profile with links from authoritative local businesses is crucial.

6. Analyze user experience

Providing an exceptional user experience (UX) on your website is essential for attracting local traffic. If your website fails to deliver a positive UX, visitors are likely to leave quickly, resulting in a high bounce rate. Search engines favor sites that provide a desirable UX, so it's important to implement improvements such as streamlined navigation, clear internal linking, optimized page speed, and engaging visual and interactive elements.

7. Implement mobile responsive design

Given that nearly 60% of online searches occur from mobile devices, ensuring your website is mobile responsive is vital for local businesses. Mobile users often require immediate information while on the go, especially when seeking local businesses.

By adopting a mobile-responsive design, your site will display and function optimally on various devices, including desktops, mobile devices, and other handheld devices. To assess your site's mobile-friendliness, you can use Google's Mobile-Friendly test tool. If you need assistance in improving UX and ranking higher in local search results, Notion Technologies offers mobile responsive design services.

By following these local SEO strategies, you can enhance your online presence, improve rankings in local search results, and attract more customers to your business. If you prefer to focus on other aspects of your business, Notion Technologies is here to provide comprehensive local SEO services to handle all these steps for you.