Principles of Web Design

Principles of Web Design

A web designer keen to design an exceptional website for any company or brand in particular should give key relevance to the needs of the primary audience. A web designer with key interest will thrive to deliver a website as per the technological level of the target audience keeping in mind the essential Principles of web design.

It is of primary importance to identify the purpose of creation of the website. A website ideology differs and needs to be proactively designed based on the factors identifying the purpose of creation of the website for personal, educational or for mere entertainment. The location for the site server would differ accordingly.

A Web Deisgn Company before actually starting the process of designing a website should encourage web designers to obtain substantial information about the type of content  text, video, graphics, sound etc to be used as per the requirement of the client.

Once all the fundamental information is known by the designer, the designer can deliver website that is styled either by text, graphics to add an element of design or style.  Graphics need to be simple and not detract from the main purpose.

A High tech designed website compromising of lots of graphics, animation, video clips; etc is suitable for an audience with high-end equipment. Usability and the end- service are key factors and not the visual design alone decides on the success or failure of a web-site.

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Last but not the least a major principle of design process is Connection. Connection of all the elements such as balance, grid, colours, graphics, type and white space has to be aligned. If these factors are not bind together and fail to have a connection the design falls apart.

However, user-centric design has become a standard approach has become a standard approach for successful and profit-oriented web design. After all, if a website designed and developed is not user friendly, it might as well not exist.