Google Express Gives Amazon Some Serious Competition with Same Day Delivery

Google Express Gives Amazon Some Serious Competition with Same Day Delivery

Amazon has been ruling the online shopping space for quite some time now. With more and more people in America and all over the world opting for online shopping this is a very lucrative market for retailers. Google is looking to make some serious inroads into the online shopping market and since last year they have been testing ways to make delivery of goods faster and efficient. Fast delivery of the products is the key to success in the online shopping industry. Google Express has now introduced the Same Day delivery option for the customers and this move is seen by industry experts as a potential game changer for Google Express in the online shopping industry.

Same Day Delivery by Google Express

Google Express has introduced same day or overnight delivery for cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Washington D.C and Boston. This service is applicable for participating retailers and is applicable for any order over $15. The customers have an option of either taking a yearly subscription of $95 so that every order they place in the year above $15 will have same day delivery or they can opt for the same day delivery option individually for every order. There is a $4.99 cost of delivery for same day delivery orders if the customer does not have a same day delivery subscription. Another option is a same day delivery monthly subscription of $10.

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Potential Success

The same day delivery is a potential game changer in the industry. People want to buy products online but hate to wait even for 2-3 days before the delivery is done. With same day delivery, customers are likely to opt for Google Express rather than its competition as a faster delivery is guaranteed from a reliable online ecommerce shopping site. By paying an annual fee, customers will be able to shop for a wide range of products that will be delivered to them on the same day or overnight. This offer has never been given to customers by any other major online shopping portal before. Many times we need products on the same day, so instead of waiting for it to be delivered through online shopping portals in 2-3 days we opt to just go out and buy them. But with same day delivery, customers would likely opt for the online shopping option than going out to buy the products.

Serious Competition to Amazon

Amazon Prime has done very well in the market with its promise of 2 day shipping and delivery offer at $99 per year. However, Google Express offers same day delivery at slightly lower costs and can potentially be a serious threat to Amazon. Google is looking to increase its market share in the eCommerce solution industry and sees Amazon as its direct competition. With an amazing offer like this, Amazon should also consider Google Express as a potential rival and competition in the industry. With this competition between top online shopping portals, the customer is likely to be the winner.

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As the market grows for online shopping, major online portals are going to be in fierce competition with each other to woo the customers. Same day delivery offers a great solution to customers who do not want to wait days for delivery of the products they have bought. Same day delivery also makes online shopping more competitive against traditional shopping options.