Blue Is The Best Color For Links

Blue Is The Best Color For Links

Textual links should be colored and underlined to achieve the best perceived affordance of clickability. Users shouldn’t have to guess or scrub the page to find out where they can click.

A link color which is different from the color of the main content enhances the link’s distinguishability.

In a research by Google Engineer’s, all Gmail users were randomly tested with 40 different link colors, ranging from blue-with-greenish to blue-with-blue-ish. Google discovered that blue-ish links encouraged more clicking than greenish — so the conclusion was that Blue is the best color for links.

Giving your website a unique design is great, but when it comes to usability, doing what the user expect is best. Always follow the conventions, as when users visit a new website, the first look for things at the places where they found them on most other websites. This is known as usage patterns. User’s expect certain things to be the same, such as link colors, the location of the website’s logo, the interactivity of the navigation and so on.

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In the above Google Labs home page, it has kept all the link colors in blue, as the color is familiar to most users.

However, the links color should be in contrast with the background color, either the link color be of light shade on a dark background or vice versa. Secondly, the link color should be different from rest of the text; so no grey links with grey colored text. Lastly, research shows that if your priority is usability then sticking to blue for links is best. The browser’s default link color is blue, so at every website people expect the same. Choosing a different color is by no means a problem, but it may affect the speed with which users find it.

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To conclude, usability is an important aspect of Web design. Whether you’re working on a service industry website, online portal or for some web application, making your website easy to navigate and enjoyable for your visitors to use is key. Hence from the keeping the usage of user’s in mind, Blue Is The Best Color For Links.