6 Ways to Use Advanced Twitter Search for Increased Influence

6 Ways to Use Advanced Twitter Search for Increased Influence

Social media is on the hype these days. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have it all around them. People like to keep contacted and updated about their loved ones life. These sites offer you the privilege of looking up in the activities of other’s lives. Twitter has become a serious sensation in the present scenario. It is best way to know about the latest happenings in the lives of your favorite celebrities and other prominent personalities. Twitter advanced search is a new concept and trending as well.

It can be used efficiently to monitor keywords and conversations and help you connect with influencers and uncover better opportunities.

Twitter can be a great help in connecting and working well. Here a few tips to help you use the twitter advanced search for better results and connection.

1. Participate more

Advanced twitter search is an easy and quick manner to get information on what the people belonging from your industry are concerned or talking about. It gives you a chance to see and search for new and important accounts which you would like to follow and also provide you with more business opportunities. You may choose 2-3 keywords related to your industry or even create a single search for all your key terms. Keep updating your list and even throw out the words which are not proving beneficial for you anyway.

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2. Comment on real time updates

Use the twitter’s advanced keyword search to stay on top of real time updates and news. Use a keyword search to find the breaking news in your industry. Before searching think from a user’s point of view to better understand what they might be thinking while searching. This will help you find exactly what you need. Once you found your topic then do leave your comment or point of view on the post.

3. Watch out for hastags

If you are looking for more business opportunities then try following the posts which have hashtags and are looking for thoughtful comments. This way you can connect with them and discover better opportunities. Create an advanced keyword search that would combine both your request and your industry keywords for better understanding. Share your insights and views once you have reached out to the users. This will help you get more and better exposure on the social media.

4. Connect with your industry intellects

Use twitter advanced search to find and connect with key and important people of your industry. View the list of top accounts thoroughly which you could follow using your keywords. Create a list of the industry contacts that you will like to follow and then you can monitor their activities. You can also limit your searches to the people you follow. Connect and follow the intellects of your own industry to keep yourself updated and well known about every happening in the industry.

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5. Keep modifying your searches

If you want to share and promote some great posts then you definitely need the right fillers and keywords to fine out the results. If you are sharing some tweets then you would definitely want to share it from the original source and not the re tweets. Avoid the re tweets at all costs. You can search the re tweets in your search for getting information about them and avoiding them anyway.