Google: The Evolution of Responsive Websites

The core transformer for every company to have a competitive edge on web and to set up new levels of success is clear. The web presence for a company has evolved over the years and websites that are build responsively and deliver mobile friendly presence across all devices and screen sizes are the best preferred.

Most companies have a wrong idea that to an existing website itself some features can be added to make it responsive. However this is not true. A web designer needs to redesign and rebuilt an entirely new responsive website with a very clever and innovative approach to communicate with the audience well for your business. Most companies are reluctant to go responsive only because of financial constraints.

With the technological advancements however, this thought with changing times has taken a back seat now and web designing company in India are building the best Responsive website design that has been able to maintain its strong foothold and set its mark in the industry. The hurdles associated to build a responsive website have become less and it’s easier to go responsive today.

With the exploding usage of mobile it is vital for your website to be mobile friendly; moreover it provides your user a positive user experience. Added elements to your responsive website such as blogging and social media when incorporated in your website strategy enhance the user’s consumption across mobile friendly websites. Responsive design gives your users a speedy page that loads easy; and thus eliminates the chances of the user to leave your website because of bad loading issues.

Responsive design is no longer a feature for your company website- it is a necessity that impacts the growth of your business.

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