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Websites designed by the best, for the best

Great aesthetics, smart functionality and an unmatched user experience - need we say more?

At Notion Technologies, we understand that in addition to looking good, your website design has to do some serious heavy-lifting. It has to be memorable, distinctive and intuitive. It must be seamlessly navigable, easily accessible and command your audience's attention. It must be responsive, represent your brand's ethos, and reflect your company's organizational strategy. And if that sounds like a tall order, that's because it is.

When designing your website, there really is no settling for second best. You need a designer and a service that understand your business just as well as you do, and are able to translate your vision and priorities into a beautiful design that is backed by sound, innovative technology. And in today's world of increasing competition and diminishing attention spans, you need a company that will work with you to get your website the attention it deserves.

Why fit in when you can stand out?

While following the latest design trends can help your website to look and feel contemporary to users, you also run the risk of being unmemorable - just like everyone else. And when your business is working hard to carve its identity, in the real and digital world, why should your website fall behind?

We believe that your website is a natural extension of your brand. We offer you expert services and comprehensive solutions to ensure that the web design meets your customers' expectations and even exceeds them, while staying true to your company's philosophy. In doing so, we create not just a website, but your online brand identity, which customers in Chennai, India and around the world will continue to associate with your brand, long after their first visit.

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Unlocking the power of technology

We harness technology as an enabler to meet your business goals. We use the latest Open Source and proprietary tools and techniques to enhance ease of access and use for visitors, while harnessing our years of proven experience in the field to develop fluent navigation that is a perfect fit with your users' browsing habits. All our designs are thoroughly tested for compatibility across multiple browsers and platforms to give visitors a consistent, uninterrupted experience.

Beautiful - Inside out

Notion Technologies is adept at developing solutions for backend processes that bring in revenue and form the backbone of your organization. We specialize in the development of intelligent Content Management and reporting systems that cut through the chaos of unmanaged data to deliver actionable insights, which, in turn, enhances your business's bottom line. All our designs are backed by robust frameworks that can accommodate technological evolutions and upgrades, so that your website stays contemporary and relevant over time.

Our designs are complaint with search engine norms to help your website to climb the ranks organically, receive more traffic and hence, more exposure. Further, we continually enhance our skills and knowhow to stay ahead of the time, and deliver more value to our clients.

What our clients say

10 reasons why your website design project needs Notion Technologies

  • Purpose-driven design with a strong call-to-action.
  • Unique designs that tie-in with your brand and its objectives.
  • Use of the most suitable images and other design elements to enhance aesthetics.
  • A strong infrastructure that is extensively tested across platforms and browsers.
  • Efficient use of technology to enhance access and ease of navigation.
  • An unbeatable user experience.
  • Backed by years of proven expertise and experience in the field.
  • An eye for linking your website design to your business goals.
  • A memorable website that commands more attention, more traffic and hence boosts your company's bottom lines.
  • A professional approach that involves a detailed consultation to ensure that your website design is perfectly aligned to your business goals.

Trusted by 700+ businesses in more than 35 countries.

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