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Not so long ago, most organizations tended to think of social media as just another box to tick off, when establishing their digital footprint. And, for a while, that was enough. However, that changed when brands began to leverage social media as a powerful tool to tap into their customers’ pulse, to hear what they were saying and to make sure a good part of those conversations were about their company and their products. With the increasingly important role that social media assumes in most people's everyday life – 97 percent of adults between the ages of 16-64 use social media at least once a month – your brand can no longer afford to merely leave the lights on; rather, you must be willing to go the extra mile to ensure that you stand out.

Here's where Notion Technologies can help.

With our powerful array of Social Media Optimization (SMO) tools that are backed by powerful strategies and years of experience, our agency knows just what it takes to use social media as a game changer in your digital roadmap. We understand and appreciate the finer nuances of each social media channel – whether Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram – and harness this expertise to create and curate sharable, relevant content that is tuned to your target demographic. This, ensures that your brand remains at the focal point of social media conversations, which, in turn, gives that your company more visibility and hence, more potential customers.

Don't just talk – Communicate

With so many social media channels and formats out there, and millions of users (and potential customers) to tap into, where do you begin? How do you ensure that the content you are sharing is relevant and engaging? Most importantly, how do you leverage your social media presence to build a lasting relationship with your audience?

It all begins with a sound digital strategy. Notion Technologies will work with your brand to create a sound digital blueprint to ensure that your brand is sending out the right messages on the right platforms to not only gain more visibility, but more of the right kind of visibility. This will ensure that your social media presence is consistent, thoughtful and relevant, while leaving you enough room to tap into existing social trends. Importantly, we ensure that your social media presence complements your marketing efforts to ensure increased customer satisfaction at all stages of your relationship lifecycle with your customers – existing and potential.

Multiple channels. One voice.

Every tweet, post, pin or hashtag that companies share via their brand's social media channels must be part of an ongoing conversation between the brands and their audience. This communication must be consistent and cohesive. While most companies are still struggling to keep up with the challenge of creating a sound multi-channel digital marketing strategy, Notion Technologies takes this a step further – with a sound, omnichannel online marketing strategy that seamlessly merges all your social media channels to ensure that your brand has one, consistent voice. This is vital for a richer customer experience that is connected across multiple channels, builds your customers' expectations and ensures a seamless brand presence when customers transition across channels. Further, unlike most other agencies, we tie this strategy in with any existing or planned marketing campaigns to keep the conversation going, so that you reap the maximum rewards from your marketing investment.

The power of a patient ear

Social media is a virtual goldmine of valuable information about your customers' expectations and demands. From understanding what your customers are saying about your brand, organization, product or service, to anticipating social trends that will drive your product and marketing strategy – the possibilities that this data opens up are endless. Notion Technologies works to tap into these conversations and cull actionable insights with our array of contemporary analytics tools. We also provide online reputation management service to build favorable conversations around your brand, and enhance your brand's presence in the digital marketplace.

What our clients say

How we do what we do

Notion Technologies offers our clients an array of attractive social media marketing (SMM) packages to suit their requirements and reach out to millions of social media users in Mumbai and other cities in India. Our team can efficiently handle your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube accounts to optimize your brand’s presence and make a lasting impression on your customers. True to our omnichannel strategy, we also work with you to optimize your website by embedding your social media icons, make strategic changes to maximize social interactions and conversations, and also help you to create and enhance your brand’s identity across multiple channels.

Notion Technologies can work with your organization in the following ways:

  • Developing a digital strategy
  • Driving your social media marketing efforts
  • Optimizing your social media presence
  • Increasing your brand’s social media engagement
  • Managing your company’s online reputation
  • Analyzing data derived from social media into actionable insights

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