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The sustained popularity of ecommerce, both among 21st Century consumers and organizations, has single-handedly disrupted the typical digital experience. Today, organizations don't just consider ecommerce as another box to tick when crafting their digital strategy but have come to regard it as a fundamental pillar of their revenue streams. And the reasons why are many - online shopping allows customers the freedom to create their very personalized shopping experiences, where they can browse through products at their own pace, spend time getting to know and interact with the brand and, in doing so, lay the foundation for a relationship that lasts well beyond that first sale. For organizations, ecommerce has opened the doors to explosive growth, where organizations are no longer tied down by physical and geographical constraints when reaching out to new and potential customers. Ecommerce also allows businesses to stay online around the clock, letting the cash register ring when while business owners and managers are engaged with other concerns.

Ecommerce is important for Indian players, especially those in Mumbai - the country's commercial hub, who cater consumers who are rapidly gaining access to high speed internet and increasingly less averse to spending money on the web. A recent study conducted by Google and AT Kearney suggests that ecommerce will drive roughly 25 percent of organized retail, with a Gross Merchandise Value of USD 60 billion by 2020. The eagerness with which some of the largest heavyweights in India, including the Tata Group, Reliance and Aditya Birla, have been taking to ecommerce, coupled with the eagerness of investors to pour funds into this sector are sure to lay to rest any speculations that companies may have about the future of ecommerce. In the face of these promising numbers, what are you doing to ensure that your company does not get left behind?

Tapping the Digital Boom

Fiscal considerations aside, ecommerce has also made it so much easier to brands to truly understand their customers' needs and profile, enabling them to deliver products and services that their target customer is actively looking for. Businesses can also take measures to allow consumers a more customized shopping experience based on their prior purchases, browsing habits and ongoing conversations with the brand. The emergence of the omnichannel customer experience model, which seamlessly merges every interaction that a customer has with a brand, whether in the real or digital spaces, has further brought to the fore the importance of creating a cohesive ecommerce strategy. This is where Notion Technologies can help.

Excellence, across the board

We deliver a comprehensive suite of ecommerce solutions that cut across a variety of market sectors and budgets. By taking the time to understand your brand's communication strategy, target audience and other considerations, we ensure that your ecommerce solution is perfectly suited to your organizational strategy and growth aspirations. Our ecommerce solutions are built to last, equipped with the latest technological innovations and completely compatible with a variety of platforms including OpenCart, Magento and WooCommerce. Our developers and designers will work with you to determine how best your existing platform and website can be integrated and adapted, to give you more value for your money. We also undertake custom ecommerce solutions that are equipped with a number of valuable features including.

Social logins

that allow users to login using their social media accounts and eliminate the additional steps involved in undertaking traditional registration processes. Social logins have been known to dramatically improve user enrolments and can provide valuable insights about your target demographic.

Multilingual platforms

with language support for users from around the world.

Reviews and ratings

to boost customer loyalty, build peer credibility and authenticity, and inspire more trust in your customers.

Products and categories

to make sure your customers always have enough variety to keep them hooked. Here, we develop a robust backend that can be easily updated by your team with regardless of their technical expertise. We also include bulk upload and edit features to make product management easier than ever before.

Easy checkout

forms and processes that reduces the likelihood of shopping cart abandonment and results in quicker sales.

Reviews and ratings

to boost customer loyalty, build peer credibility and authenticity, and inspire more trust in your customers.

Reports and analytics

to help you to further streamline your go-to-market strategy, develop more tailored advertising campaigns, and monitor sales trends and influences.

Search Engine Optimization

that ensures that your store and products are easily found by potential buyers.

Blog and social media

cross-linking for customers to quickly learn more about your products, brand and company.

Our ecommerce solutions ensure that your business is equipped to go live quickly, is marketplace-ready, synchronised with social media and able to quickly capitalize on social trends. All our solutions are tested thoroughly prior to deployment to deliver a seamless customer experience from the get go. We also develop fully compatible and synchronized mobile commerce solutions that deliver the same, superb shopping experience for customers across platforms. To learn more about our mobile commerce solutions, please click here.

What diferentiates our ecommerce solutions?

Developing an attractive, user-friendly and supremely functional ecommerce website is easier said than done. Even before you take your first steps into the digital retail space, we recommend that you first understand the basic pre-requisites that go into the creation of a top-notch ecommerce store. These include

  • An elegant, eye-catching design that is as compatible with smartphones and tablets as it is on computer screens.
  • A quickly-loading and responsive product catalogue.
  • Quick preview capabilities, comprehensive search and filtering functionalities.
  • Easy browsing and navigation that allows users to checkout quickly and securely.
  • Ability to customize your ecommerce store as per your product ranges and desired functionalities.
  • A robust content management system that allows your team to easily update pages, categories, products, articles, posts and banners
  • Easy access to your company's terms and conditions, shipping and refund information.
  • Impenetrable data security that protects sensitive information and builds your customers' trust in your company and brand.

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