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Keep a check on the visual appearance, ask web designer to make necessary changes. For functional changes seek assistance from web developer. As a website administrator you are responsible for the day-to-day operation and maintenance of the website. Ensure that the site is properly backed up; managing user access; possibly installing extensions. Take complete credibility for maintaining your website security.

Joomla! An open source script promoting large no of plugins helps programmers create advanced websites offering extended functionality coupled with speed and efficiency.

User Management

Joomla has a registration system that allows easy configurations. The nine user groups sanction various types of permission and powers users to easily channel to access, edit, publish and administrate.

Joomala offers an authentic user management support across multiple protocols, including LDAP, OpenID, and even Gmail. This enables users to simplify the registration process and enhances extensibility to allow users to use their existing account information.

Language Manager

This tool provides extensive international support for many world Languages and UTF-8 encoding. Moreover this tool allows you to have administrator panel in one language and your website in any language of your choice. Multiple options are possible.

Contact Management

The Contact Manager offers assistance to users and enables them to find the right person and display their contact information. It also allows users to fill in multiple contact forms in a precise and exact format going to particular individuals as well as groups.


Search option helps users to navigate to most popularly searched items and gives admin the ease of understanding and control with search statistics.

Syndication and Newsfeed Management

Joomla, allows easily grouping your site content, it permits users to subscribe to new content in their favourite RSS reader. This trait allows easily incorporating RSS feeds from other sources and combines them all on your site.

Design Management

Create powerful site designs in Joomla and create your site look exactly with a complete visual control that suits your imagination and purpose.This trait permits you to customize each part of your pages. You may use a single design pattern or create multiple designs for each site section.

System Features

This Joomala characteristic particularly allows speedy page loads with page caching, granular-level module caching, and GZIP page compression.

If your system administrator needs to troubleshoot an issue, debugging mode and error reporting are invaluable.

The FTP Layer allows file operations (like installing Extensions) without having to make all the folders and files writable, making your site administrator's life easier and increasing the security of your site.

Administrators quickly and efficiently communicate with users one-on-one through private messaging or all site users via the mass mailing system.

Web Services

Web services, you can use Remote Procedure Calls (via HTTP and XML). You can also integrate XML-RPC services with the Blogger and Joomla APIs.

Media Manager

Media Manager is a very popular tool and allows to easily managing media files or folders. The MIME type settings power users to handle any type of file. It’s easy to grab images and other files at anytime as the comprehensive Media Manager tool is incorporated in the Article editor tool, enhancing navigation.

Banner Management

Banner Management is an extension which allows setting up banners on your website in an easy manner using the Banner Manager. You can start with creating a client profile. Once campaigns as well as banners have been added you can set impression numbers, special URLs, and more.


Polls help enhance the overall experience and helps one explore more about your users, Joomla allows creating polls with multiple options in an easy way.

Web Link Management

This facilitates site user’s access to link resources in simplified and sorted form into distinguished categories. This feature allows simple calculative knowhow to users to count every click.

Content Management

You can now organize your content in a simplified three-tiered system of articles in just a short span of time. Make your choice of content presentation any way, the way desire. This feature of Joomla has made it possible for users to rate articles, e-mail them to a friend, or repeatedly save a PDF for future reference (with UTF-8 support for all languages). Content can be archived by administrators for safekeeping, hiding it from site visitors.

On Web sites that allow Public access, built-in e-mail cloak protects email addresses from spamming threats. Creating content is simple with the WYSIWYG editor; make it possible for even beginner users to combine text, images in an attractive way. Once articles are written there are a number of modules which are already pre-installed which display the most popular articles, latest new items, newsflashes, related articles, and more.

Menu Manager

Create as many menus and menu items as you need. Structure your menu in a ladder (and nested menu items) completely independent of your content structure. Place your menu at multiple places, in fonts and style you want. Capture your Imagination and use rollovers, dropdown, flyouts or other navigation system as per your choice .Automatically generated breadcrumbs help your site users to navigate and browse easy.

Integrated Help System

An in built help section assist users to easily locate what they need. A self-help glossary gives explanation of all terms in plain English. A version checker helps you keep a check to use the latest version of online support tools that helps you easily troubleshoot, and also offers additional support to users by syndicating links to a wealth of online resources to garner support and assistance through multitude of other online resources.

Powerful Extensibility

Customize Joomla and power your online presence! Visit the Joomla Extensions Directory to browse thousands of ways to augment usage of Joomla to suit your needs.