The New Facebook UX Delivers More for Businesses

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Facebook is finally out with its much anticipated UX update for its business page and you can just see the ingenuity of the research that has gone into this new user experience design. The UX will blow your mind with its simplicity, impeccable user-friendliness, loads of business specific options, reduced noise and most of all; seemingly endless customization options. Already we see that all businesses have a presence on Facebook and that too for good reason; it adds product/ service credibility, user accessibility, interaction and opens the door of the business to a plethora of customers and ideas, not to mention increased sales via highly effective product/ service marketing.

The new user experience design of Facebook’s business page magnifies all of these benefits and adds much more as it is up to date with the most recent software updates, making it operative on pcs, laptops as well as latest mobile phones. You see that Facebook has used a minimalist approach to this design, the tabs, for instance, have been replaced by a left-hand navigation containing all the options required to enable a thorough step-by-step user experience; from About to Likes to Events, etc. Another major improvement is the removal of the display ads from the top right of the page. This update makes the new Facebook business page in line with recent mobile updates, reduces visual noise and makes the page more company specific allowing it to be much more similar and as effective as a website.

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Notion Technologies is a Award winning web, Application, iOS, Android, Social Media, SEO, Digital Marketing Company.

Moreover, businesses can now enjoy a cleaner look with the display picture that has been moved to the right, so that it does not block the cover photo anymore. The cover photo has been kept the same in terms of dimensions i.e. 828 X. The call to action buttons (CTAs) have been moved to the right, with an endless list of options that businesses can customize to enhance their user experience including shop now, sign-up, making an appointment, learning more about product/ service features, watching a video, and much more. The usefulness of these buttons cannot be overemphasized as they enable businesses to direct their customers towards all the specific actions that they wish their customers to take.

The new UX of Facebook business pages has been meticulously designed to bring about the following benefits for all types of businesses:

  • Increased credibility.
  • Bigger target audience.
  • User centric outlook and options allow the business to be refocused on the customers’ needs.
  • User-friendliness and ease of use and learning by customers leads to higher number of successful customer interactions.
  • Increased prospects for sale via an innovative and satisfying user experience.
  • Increased number of repeat visits as Facebook is now the second most visited website in the world.
  • Magnified opportunities for product/ service marketing.
  • Product/ service being offered by businesses are now more likely to have an impact on the lives of customers.
  • Increased number of satisfied customers through an engaging user experience.
  • Endless opportunities for product/ service improvement.
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