Quality Speaks Volumes About Website

Quality Speaks Volumes About Website

Credibility is most vital element for a website to appeal to people. Stanford Web Credibility Project is one such study conducted to find more about the manner in which people perceive the credibility of a website.

The finding is rather interesting and states that the users today in this technology driven world, really do judge a book by its cover and a website by its design. Added influential elements that add to the essence of the website are layout, consistency, typography, colour and style.

A good image alone is not enough for your website. But added factors such as the quality of the website’s content, amount of errors, rate of updates, ease usability and trustworthiness of authors needs to be taken in context.

Here is how reputable Website Designing Services approach website design


It is often a mind- boggling decision for the web designers to freeze on a specific layout. The options being in plenty: fixed, fluid, elastic or a hybrid to name a few. Each option has its own set of pros and cons and the decision largely depends on the usability.

Strategically designing a website layout can make a potential difference to the visitors and can help reap all the benefits.


Web Design is 95% Typography. Of course typography does not merely mean font selection. Web designers though often find it difficult to perceive the best from the vast lot. Most often web designers create wonderful designs with one font for the rest of your life.

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Colour is the most vibrant element of art in any Web design and is one a major factor in the overall look and feel of a website. Designers have the good judgement in making colour choices, but many times a company already has a strong brand, colour usage which needs to be followed.

Right Layout, Right Typography and Right colour can alone make your design speak volumes on the quality of your design.