Quality Images are Crucial for Website Design

Quality Images are Crucial for Website Design

A picture speaks a thousand words. Images are crucially important for every website being created. Any web design company in Mumbai that fails to include quality images fails to attract users and does not showcase positively. Though, it is not entirely dangerous for a design, it does increases the chances for the user to read the content flow. Notion Technologies deals smartly with images usage on the websites designed for all its esteemed clientele.

Notion Technologies strongly understands the users and pays close attention to photos and other images being used on the websites created by the company. All his designed websites contain relevant information and the company follows the policy of discouraging web designers to ignore the usage of fluffy pictures used to “jazz up” webpages. View Portfolio

Fundamentals of good image

  • Size, composition, quality and exposure are the rudiments of good image.
  • Importance and preference should be should be given to quality.
  • The colour contrast of the images should be in sync with the created web design
  • The image used should be rational and relevant and should send the right message to the website readers.
  • The picture should be factual and should anticipate decision making and create a desire for the product or service concerned.
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Purely decorative images tend to be ignored unconsciously by our brain. While designing a website for a company, it is a very good idea to take some time talking about the people behind it – using images. It gives a personal touch to an otherwise faceless company and people dig that.

Invest in a good photographer and try to stay away from stock pictures. Quality and relevance matter the most.