Principles of Effective Web Designing

Principles of Effective Web Designing

The success of any website not only depends on the visual look but also on its usability and functionality. The website design should be user-centric, it has now become a basic approach towards the achievement of any website and making it profit-oriented.

An effective web designing craves more than just collecting relevant information and making it live on the web. It is not necessary that the website should be made in flash to attract users, there are many flash websites which fails to fulfil the requirement of the users. Simply, all the elements of the design should be placed at the right place making it easy for the user to navigate through the website.

This post will talk about few principles of effective web design services. By keeping these design concepts clear in your mind, you will be sure to design better and more attractive sites.

Aim for Simplicity

The very basic principle for effective website design is Simplicity. Strive for simplicity instead of complexity, avoid the complex elements in your overall website. We all want our website to look great, but this does not mean that we should fill the page with unnecessary matter. That will only confuse your visitor. Sometimes, the user is in search of just information and doesn’t focus on design. A good designer will make sure the simplicity looks attractive too.

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New Life Health Care Inc. clearly provides the details of the website and gives visitors a choice of options without overcrowding them with unnecessary content.

Spaces are crucial

Spaces are usually underrated, but they are very essential for the website to look elegant and welcoming. It makes your design eye-soothing, beautiful and persuades the visitor to spend time on your website. I must say space is a part of design, it holds a special place in the overall appearance of the website.

Due to proper spacing between the lines and paragraphs makes easier scanning of the content. It ensures that the text don’t get overlapped with other elements of the layout.


Space is very important. Swell Head uses white area as a main designing factor. The outcome is a well-scannable structure which gives the layout a prominent place it should get.

Contrast with Colors

Color is a strong influencing factor in web design. Each color has its own meaning based on culture, education, personality, etc. Thus, it influences us in subconscious, natural ways. Playing with shades at just the right proportion is another way to make efficient contrast within a web page.

Visitor’s immediate response as to you and your services is formed right after he sees your website for the first time. This immediate opinion is formed not because your offer is brilliant or your products are great.. When the website appears to the visitor, the colors strike in the subconscious mind of the visitor as we all react on colors intuitively and psychologically.If the right color scheme is chosen then it wins in grabbing the user’s attention and a huge part of work is done.

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Use of Graphics

Great design doesn’t require fancy or heavy graphics. But dull graphics will definitely spoil the design. Graphics add to the visual message of your website.

Make it a point to optimize the graphics used for the design of website. Often designers use heavy graphics in their website which makes the loading slow and the visitor gets frustrated and leave the website.  Hence light graphics should be used which helps in delivering the message easily.

Effective Writing

The content of the website should be written in simple language which gets easily digested by the user. The content should discuss only about business and avoid anything else. Avoid marketing-induced names, company-specific names, and unfamiliar technical names; use short and concise phrases, come to the point as quickly as possible.

The End Game – TETO Principle

TETO is an informal phrase used for test early – test often which indicates examining your web page is very, very essential. Regular debugging and functionality testing  is crucial for maintaining the quality and standard of the website.

Testing is an iterative process. It means that you design something, test it, fix it and then test it again. It can solve problems that a designer may not have predicted while designing the site.

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Lastly,  If you want a great site, you’ve got to test!

With the help of the above mentioned principles for effective web designing you can get a lot of success with your website, or you can call a one of the leading web designing company in India for professional guidance.