How One Entrepreneur Grew a Global Business From Her Facebook Friends

How One Entrepreneur Grew a Global Business From Her Facebook Friends

Social networking has spread like a viral fever and possibilities seem to just get endless. There is little more than a doubt on the ability of a person to reach out to fellow like-minded people all around the world. Leveraging the art of spreading business is an art and some people seemed to have got the right knack and taste for it.

There is no doubt about the gamut of reach and the diversity of people who can connect and come together on the same platform. One lady showed her perseverance and created a business out of it. A business which started from a hundred and grew to thousands and is ever increasing in size with the passion of the people in it growing.

This is a classic example of how you could leverage Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook which was an epic in itself to your use and not simply while away your time. Deborah Mitchell on Facebook has set an example and a very strong one on how you can make use of the existing tools you have tune it in with your patience and create the difference in your lives.

Who would say that social networking is bad for you and that it takes on people’s minds? Well, use it to your advantage. This lady had a passion for travelling and when she shared it out with a few like-minded people who shared the same joy the interest went viral and now she has thousands of people who follow the passion just like she always did. More important a fact to note that these are mostly women.

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A perfect example of the saying “If you have the will you make your way”. There will be other who would follow her lead and tomorrow we can expect many such businesses to come up and flourish under the social networking platforms but Deborah would surely be remembered as a differentiator who paved the way to create the first difference! Are you ready to create yours?