Buying Behaviour of the Women With Larger Breasts

Buying Behaviour of the Women With Larger Breasts

Men and women have different buying behaviours and it’s time to start designing your eCommerce stores to serve the buying behaviour categorically, especially for the number of shopping transactions by women folk. With the growing online shopping community the eCommerce sites have expanded their reach for the number of shopping transactions by women. Women buyers have outrageously outpaced men in most areas.

The potential rise of women folk buyers can be partially attributed to the wider availability of products and shopping experiences that women want. Women today are more generous towards their cost of living and have big budgets for shedding cash, peculiarly for innerwear clothing’s. This is one of the product segments that women prefer to shop for from the comfort of their home.

This summer, came across an interesting survey conducted by the analytics team at Alibaba. It revealed an interesting trend in consumer spending. The data analyzed for lingerie sales revealed that women with larger breasts (i.e., those who purchased larger bra sizes) also tended to spend more, on average, than the less endowed (i.e., those who purchased smaller bra sizes). The study further revealed that 65 percent of women owning a B cup or smaller fell into the low-spending category, while women with a C cup or higher tended to fit into a middle or high group.

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Certainly, the validity of such a conclusion is suspect, and it’s worth noting that teens–who tend to have significantly less spending power–would probably be the ones buying smaller bras.

Shopping patterns in women revealed that women quickly scan the product page and continue browsing other products. Women also tend to search by brand instead of searching by product.

To ensure that your eCommerce site is able to deliver the exquisite products, and allow easy navigation an effective search box that gives extremely relevant results can lead customers right to the product they are looking for. It is advisable to provide multiple avenues to access products; likewise you’ll create a shopping experience that will appeal to your buyers.