A Brief History About Content Management Systems

A Brief History About Content Management Systems

If you look up today you will find that how a variety of tools has helped you in making your work easier. The digital world has surely provided the people with so many utilities for easy working and management. Among the various developments content management systems for your websites have also played a significant role. You have seen CMS platforms ease up your website work to such an extent that it has always kept you relaxed.

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So how it all started? Why the need of such an invention did come up? So let’s see a little about this outstanding aide.

The 1990s and later years

In the late 1990s when there were computers and the internet, but still it was too expensive to afford by common people, people were usually using the internet in college labs. In those days, the websites were developed using the common text editors. People had to manually edit the text using HTML in those days. Everything then was static as animations were either too bulky to add to web pages or were too complex to be coded.

Even a simple modification required re-uploading the whole data to publish it.  With time and efforts, new developments came into existence and the basic HTML formats were modified to use more and more dynamic web pages. Animations and better cascade style inputs were brought up to make the looks of the web pages more mesmerizing. For this purpose, PHP programming had been widely popular.

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In those days, development of a website was not a child’s play. You had to be highly qualified to know the basics of the programming languages. And if you wanted one such website for yourself, high payments were charged by professionals for setting up websites.

Early 2000

By the early years of 2000, many organizations started developing tools that could be used even by the general users, so that anyone could use them and build websites. Companies like Joomla, Drupal, Mambo and other similar systems started being developed which were essential tools for websites. The platforms revolutionized the markets. What was once an impossible task without proper education became a simple yet effective method build up websites with ease? In other words, what took days to setup could then be setup in a matter of hours.

By 2003

In the year 2003, WordPress entered the market and eventually ruled the market with its outstanding features. Many developers were so impressed by its framework that they used it for building websites most of the times. What made it a unique platform was its plug-in features that had a diversity of choices for the users. People could just use these plugin templates and features to modify their websites in an instant.

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Everything gradually paced up as the internet connections became faster. The modifications in CMS platforms are still continuing to bring up new features timely. We too have set up to make efforts in delivering you and your websites with the best there is.

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