Atrocious Designing Disasters that Makes your Blood Boil

Atrocious Designing Disasters that Makes your Blood Boil

As a frequent internet user, you might be facing various interfaces on numerous sites that ask you to provide with certain privileges before accessing their content. Among these sneaky bastards lie a few that will make you fill up with rage and irritation. Notion Technologies, one of the leading website design company india, bring up some well-known designing disasters that a majority of users face.

Imagine coming home after strenuous working hours, waiting for your favorite movie online to be streamed; when suddenly you take a look at a survey that pops up as soon as you open the site. Try to feel that blasphemy that builds up in you. All you wanted was a nice and de-stressing time at your laptop or desktop, when such a situation abruptly shows up. And it is not just these surveys that irritate internet users there are numerous things that have been designed by developers all over the world that would certainly take something from your in order to give something in return.

This very exploitation act leads to time consumption that users would certainly not want to give. Alas! If you are in need of certain information which only that particular website is capable of providing then it becomes obligatory to follow such terms and conditions. There is certainly a need to avoid such issues so a formidable team like Notion Technologies can be chosen to prevent such problems in designing.

Blood Raging Biasing

Non Flexible UI

The dynamism that the internet world exhibits today requires flexibility in the user interface of websites. The reason behind is clearly the use of portable and handheld devices which people all over the world carry with them wherever they go. So, they could certainly need to access the websites wherever they are. But, sometimes companies or individuals just create websites that are desktop friendly, which leads to really bad UI exhibition for mobile or similar portable devices.

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Just think of opening such a website where you are about to read about something there and a graphic just displays itself on top of it. Would that not be highly frustrating? So, it is necessary to build flexible websites to fit up those compact screens proficiently and our proficient team can help you with that.

Please Sign Up Before Accessing Our Content

Another maddening activity that will certainly make you feel frustrated deep down. Many service providers who are having a monopoly over a certain attributes are always into such activities. They make you signup to have their content accessed. Albeit the features they have are unique or rare, yet people too have a saturation point where they don’t bother to visit such sites anymore due to the inflating frustration inside them. So this feature might bring up losses to the website owner. With our customized design templates, you are surely free from such irritating sign ups.

Filling up Forms and Surveys

This is also a frustrating development and it feels even more annoying when performed on compact devices. Nobody wants to fill up unnecessary content about them and what boggles the mind more is the use of asterisk signs to exhibit the obligation of the filling form. Optional filling forms provided by our proficient developers will give you more traffic for sure!

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Curly or Illegible Fonts Usage

Website owners should leave their creativity at home and be professional when it comes to their written material. People would not bother to look up at the alluring beauty of your curly fonts as they visit your sites for information. They have no use of those swanky fonts that you are using for your headings and web content. So stick to the most noteworthy fonts like Times New Roman, Calibri, Cambria, Verdana etc. or follow our unique and customized font patterns for your efficient site business.

Designing of a Useless Search Bar

For those who are looking up for something on a website that they cannot find, search bars can be useful. But, search bars are only proficient if the developed websites are smoothly programmed to show the relevant results for the searched keyword. So, if nothing appears after typing of a keyword, a user might feel annoyed and would certainly move on to some other site of similar genre, giving the website owner a hard time. With us you can rest assured about optimized search results in search bars for your websites.

Low Resolution for Product images

When it comes to buying products, a customer would certainly look up for the product online if he/she uses internet for such information. However, checking up the product on a site where the images are not so clear would give them an irritation and a bad reputation for the website. The issue is surely going to cost the website owner huge losses as internet feedbacks spread like viruses and you never know how many will get affected by that mere flaw in your website images. Our designers keep track of all the images and also ensure that they are of high quality.

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Pop up Ad Frustrations

Last but not the least, and the ones which can make anyone frustrated are popup ads. Most of the times, people are just too lazy to click on the close button on the top right of their screens to close these memory consuming pop ups that are so irritating. Some are so sneaky that they just open up in new tabs making you unaware of the memory usage. And some are even noisy due to a media file playing in them. This causes even more frustration to the user. Yes, these earn the website owner’s money, but are they really going to risk their website traffic for such frustrating popups? Efficient tools and applications are available with us that stop from such ads to popup.

These extremely frustrating developments in the digital world have given a headache around the world for sure. We all feel irritated because of such nuisance. Who knows when it will end or get utilized more efficiently? But until then services from reputed companies like Notion Technologies can be highly beneficial for your web based business.  What do you think about such designing disasters? Do you have some that bother you? I would surely love to know your shares about such frustrations.