About Us

We Shape Digital Solutions that Transform Businesses

Notion Technologies is an award-winning website and app development company that delivers a comprehensive suite of premium web and application solutions. Headquartered in Mumbai, India, our company has collaborated with organizations across a variety of sectors and market segments including education, consulting, healthcare, industrial manufacturing, real estate, interior, retail, logistics and distribution, among others. We work to create outstanding solutions that enhance brand credibility, improve visibility and drive our clients' bottom-line. For nearly a decade now, Notion Technologies has delighted more than 700 clients from 35 countries with our intuitive, client-centric and future-forward web and app development, and analytics solutions that are closely tied-in with our clients' organizational strategy and business goals.

Putting Our Clients First

Fuelling Notion Technologies is a relentless commitment to developing intuitive solutions that are built around our clients' needs, instead of the other way around. We undertake a detailed consultation with our clients to determine their requirements, and develop a digital blueprint that is powered by cutting-edge technology, backed by analytical insights and focused on our clients' long and short-term business goals. The way we see it, our solutions are designed to function as robust and reliable digital assets that are representative of our clients' brand ethos and yield tangible business outcomes.

Innovative and Future-Proof

All our solutions are based on the latest tools and cutting-edge technology platforms to enable our clients to leverage the latest digital trends without disrupting their existing roadmap. We believe that our inputs must complement and accentuate your existing assets to create a more cohesive, seamless experience for users and stakeholders - both internal and external. We believe in presenting to our clients a fair, unbiased and realistic assessment of the ways in which we can help them to do what they do even better, which gives them the best value for their investment. We also go the extra mile to offer intelligent analytics that help our clients to track the qualitative and quantitative impact of their digital presence, and provide consultancy to further enhance these results.


We will be the technology partners for choice for our clients by consulting them on the latest technological evolutions, developing cutting-edge solutions that add business value to their undertakings, and deliver actionable insights that improve efficiency and streamline processes.


We will continually develop newer and more efficient ways to help our clients to meet the changing demands of the digital marketplace. We will continually upgrade our skills and know-how of the latest global trends, devise intuitive and intelligent ways of addressing our clients' business challenges and create solutions that generate business value for our clients. In doing so, we will help our clients to get the maximum returns on their investment and create lasting relationships that continue to evolve, mature and grow.

Merging Form with Function

At Notion Technologies, we understand and appreciate the impact of beautiful, head-turning design. We know that a stunning website will draw more attention, an uncluttered ecommerce store will lead to more browsing and that an eye-catching mobile app will inspire more downloads. But that is only half the job done. The more crucial aspect that determines how long your website, app or store is able to hold the attention of users is how functional and intuitive it is. And herein lies Notion Technologies' greatest strength - we are adept at creating intelligent, aesthetic designs that command attention, and are intuitive and responsive to their users. In a nutshell, we create solutions that are designed for real people. Our team is adept at various web development tools, including HTML 5, CSS3, Javascript, XHTML and PHP, and is continually adding new skills to our wheelhouse.

Making Your Presence Felt

The once widely-propagated idea of 'build it and they will come' is proving increasingly redundant in an age that is marked by stiff competition and diminishing attention spans. We augment our clients' digital presence with marketing tools to ensure that your business is making its presence felt to its desired audiences. From social media to search engine optimization, we equip our clients with all the tools they need to be seen and heard, and to make their presence count.

Building Lasting Relationships

At the heart of all our undertakings is our desire to be a one-stop- solution for all our clients' digital needs and create partnerships that extend well beyond our first association. Since our inception in October 2007, we can proudly say that our efforts are proving fruitful. Today, a significant proportion of Notion Technologies' business comes from recurring clients, with whom we have built lasting relationships on a foundation of trust and mutual respect. Some of our clients include SBI Cards, LSE AIC, NKGSB Bank, Associate Décor and Parekhplast India.

At a Glance

Founded in October 2007

Headquartered in Mumbai, India

Proficient in website and application design and development

Client-oriented approach

Emphasis on functional, user-friendly aesthetics

More than 700 clients from 35 countries

Adept at HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart, Codeigniter, Laravel and several other development tools

As seen on Entrepreneur, HuffingtonPost, INC, Business Communities etc.

Our Team

Faraz Sayyed


Faraz founded Notion Technologies in 2007, with the vision of building an agency that would eventually be a leader in the digital domain. He has more than 15 years' experience in the print and digital design spaces, has worked extensively in the digital technology domain and is an expert in UI and UX design. Today, Faraz is Notion Technologies' creative pulse and drives the team to create engaging, elegant and effective web and app designs. He also handles business development and global sales.

Noman Sayyed

Head of Technology

With several years of experience in software engineering, and web and app development, Noman knows just what it takes to create user-friendly websites that are easy to manage. Noman relishes complex and challenging projects, and prides himself on his ability to always outperform on clients' expectations. He is particularly well known for his ability to code websites quickly and effectively, as also his penchant of quickly adopting the latest technology trends. Noman dedicates a significant portion of his time and efforts to research and development, to stay abreast with the ever-evolving and mutating digital space.